10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Laser Pegs

Learn a little bit more about Laser Pegs with these 10 fun facts.

There are a lot of different factors that go into creating the perfect toy, especially if you want to appeal to adults and children of all ages and interests. Think about it―Every person that is looking for the next best toy is looking for different features. Parents want to make sure the toy is educational for their children, teens want to make sure they own only the coolest products out there, and kids just want to make sure they are going to have fun!

Lucky, when it comes to Laser Pegs, we fulfill each of these interests! While you may have played with other types of toy construction sets in the past, only with Laser Pegs can you add light and learning to the subject of playtime.

To help you get a better idea of all of the fun benefits, learning opportunities and excitement that comes with Laser Pegs, we have gathered 10 fun facts that you may not know about our Laser Pegs kits.

  1. The national award winning Laser Pegs is the VERY FIRST unique toy construction set in the world in where each unique light piece feeds the next light piece through low voltage current.
  2. Our Laser Pegs kits are also created with the highest quality of LED light, so the lights will run for about 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to keeping them illuminated non-stop for 11 years. Therefore, each Laser Pegs piece has a very long life expectancy.
  3. Laser Pegs connect securely. This is particularly beneficial for children who have involuntary movements and may inadvertently knock a structure down. Even if they do, the lit pieces will stay connected.
  4. The lights in these structures provides kids with visual feedback and stimulation to both low vision and sighted children, and reinforce positive movements each time a piece is correctly connected by turning on the piece’s light.
  5. Completing a Laser Pegs kit can successfully build confidence in children and motivate their continued progress.
  6. Building the Laser Pegs helps develop and refine fine motor skills, such as pincer grasp. This helps children develop the skills necessary for daily living– like holding a pencil, brushing their teeth and eating with utensils or fingers.
  7. The large 3D light board set gives a child the ability to express creativity and personal preferences in a way that is traditionally difficult for children who are on the autism spectrum.
  8. Playing in a darkened room decreases extraneous stimuli. This is done successfully with Laser Pegs because they light up and can be successfully used in the darkness.
  9. Children learn to control their hand strength, since handling Laser Pegs too hard will cause the structure to break, but handling them too light will not connect the pieces or light up the structure.
  10. The 3D Light Board provides a defined play space. This is particularly helpful for children who have visual impairments. The blocks can easily be found by feeling where the board is.