Laser Pegs Employee Profile: Rob Ross – 3D Graphic Design


Here are some fun facts about one of our newest Laser Pegs employees!

We have an amazing team of people here at Laser Pegs who are constantly working hard to create the best possible products for your family to enjoy. We are also lucky enough to bring new people onto our team all the time who are truly passionate and enthusiastic about our one-of-a-kind products.

Here is a Laser Pegs Employee Profile on one of our new 3D Graphic Designers and Animators, Rob Ross:

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Going Green: How Laser Pegs Is Taking Steps To Be Eco-Friendly


Laser Pegs is reducing electricity through our eco-friendly toys and offices.

In the last few years, the topic of saving energy and becoming eco-friendly has become very trendy for both businesses and individuals. Many studies have shown just how destructive and damaging our energy footprint can be to the world around us when we are taking advantage of our energy resources and overusing them on a day-to-day basis.

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Laser Pegs Block Kits Are Revamping The Classic Childs Toy


Our new Laser Pegs Word and ABC Block Kit is a favorite of kids everywhere.

There are many exciting “firsts” throughout a child’s early development: Their first steps, their first word, their first birthday, etc. However, one specific moment in a child’s life that is exciting for parents everywhere is when they begin to craft and form their own sentences for the first time.

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Why Parents Should Supply Their Children With Educational Toys

laser-pegs 1

Give your children toys that will help them grow and learn while playing.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to educate your children and ensure that they are on the right track with development and learning. Sure, going to school and attending helpful preschool classes will help to make sure that they are on point with learning that is suggested for their age group, but this learning should also be reinforced and encouraged in the home, as well as in school.

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Learn To Play Like Your Favorite MLB Players With Laser Pegs


Laser Pegs build hand-eye coordination so you can play like you’re in the MLB.

For kids who have grown up playing sports or love shooting around with their friends on the playground, there are no bigger heroes or superstars than the athletes that they look up to on television. Whether your child wants to shoot the hockey puck like Wayne Gretzky, hit a three-point shot like Steve Nash or hit homeruns like Babe Ruth, these all stars are who many children dream of growing up to be.

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Staying On Track With Childhood Development During Summer Vacation


Keeping your child learning and developing even when they’re out of school.

For many school children all across the country, the countdown to summer vacation is nearing its final days. Soon enough, they will be free from school and living the summer life full of vacations, sports games, sleepovers and fun. In fact, for many kids, not having to school and getting to hang out with their friends all day makes summer vacation the best part of the whole year!

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