Support Small Toy Stores This Upcoming Small Business Saturday

small business saturday

Help support local small toy stores in your town this holiday season.

Now that Thanksgiving is officially behind us, the holiday season is here in full swing and many people all across the country are beginning to head out to their local malls and department stores to cross all of their friends and family off of their long holiday gift list.
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Create Fun Holiday Decorations With Light Up Laser Pegs

holiday decor

Light up your home this holiday season with festive Laser Pegs decorations.

The day after Thanksgiving is widely regarded as the unofficial day to start decorating for the holidays. Once the turkey leftovers have been secured in the fridge, the sweet potatoes have all been eaten, and your family has come out of its post-dinner food coma, the realization that the holidays are only a few weeks away starts to set in and our mind’s automatically switch into decorating mode.
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Laser Pegs’ De-LIGHT-ful Toys Brighten The 2014 Holiday Season

Laser Pegs Holiday

Make the holidays magical this season with Laser Pegs line of light up toys.

Laser Pegs are a completely unique toy unlike anything else your child has.

This award winning line of construction toys are the first in the WORLD where each light piece feeds the next through low voltage current. A true bright light among all other toys!

Laser Pegs Wonderful Educational Toys

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Light Up ABC Blocks Help Teach Kids The Alphabet

ABC Light Kits

Play fun alphabet games with your children using the Laser Pegs ABC Blocks.

One of the most important lessons that we learn early on in our childhood is our A-B-C’s. Learning the alphabet is the first step towards learning how to write, learning to construct sentences, learning your consonants and vowels, understanding grammar, and so many other important English elements that are essential for both school and life. All of these different important essentials begin with the A-B-C’s, and therefore, it’s very beneficial to reinforce them in your own home with your own children.
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Construction Toys: More Interesting Than the Box They Came In

construction toys

Nothing can be more disheartening to a parent than to see a much-begged-for toy in a corner and the children playing with the box it came in. Sure, it’s great to see them be creative with a cardboard container, but what about all that pleading that this was the one toy they couldn’t live without?

Out of all the toys in the world, building block sets have to be some of the longest lived. This is because construction toys by their very nature are flexible and dynamic; increasing the time the child spends with them by keeping them fresh in their mind for daily play. Every generation of kids understands how blocks work.
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The Perfect Holiday Present For Everyone On Your List

holiday present

If you look at the lists for this year’s “best toys,” you’ll notice that there is an almost equal interest in traditional creative building toys and electronic toys. Laser Pegs combine components that encourage creativity in 3D construction and an electronically lighted component that enhances anything your child dreams up.
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Show Your Children The Gift Of Charity This Holiday Season

Holiday Charity

Help give back to other children in need during the holidays this year.

Now that we are officially a few weeks into the month of November, many stores and businesses across the country are beginning to roll out their holiday campaigns and start putting up their festive decorations to get shoppers in the mood for the holidays.
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Research Shows That Playing Educational Games Together Increases Learning

play time

Playing cooperatively may actually increase a child’s eagerness to learn.

Every child and parent knows the joy and fun that can come out of play time. Taking a few hours each day to play with toys or build new creations out of building blogs or puzzle toys can help to encourage imagination in children and can help with cognitive development. However, if you have ever had to pull your child away from their favorite toys or play time activities in order to convince them to do their homework, you can now rest easy when it comes to worrying about their education. New research has shown that playing, especially when it includes group or pair playing, can actually increase a child’s eagerness to learn!
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3 Reasons To Check Out The Laser Pegs Mobile App

Laser Pegs App

Learn about all of the fun, exiting activities your child can participate in through our mobile app.

While you may know all about the fun that Laser Pegs light up toys can bring children in the home and in the classroom, did you know that there is a whole other element to Laser Pegs’ fun that takes place right on your mobile device? The Laser Pegs Mobile App is a wonderful interactive app that was create for Laser Pegs fans of all ages to explore the world of their favorite light up toys further than they ever have before.
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