Top Toy Trends: Light Up Activities Are A Big Hit For 2013


Light up toys are predicted to be one of the biggest trends this upcoming year.

There is no shortage of fun, exciting toys available for children in this day and age. Toys that fly, toys that can be controlled by remote, even toys that you can drive! Whether your children are teens, toddlers or infants, the amount of toys currently available to them to help encourage growth, learning and fun is limitless. However, despite the large number of options, there are still certain activities and toys that stand out above the rest. Continue reading

Laser Pegs And Their Influence On Hand-Eye Coordination

T-Ball practice

These light up toys can help improve hand-eye coordination in children.

A child’s first few years of live are very important for developing certain skills and reaching certain milestones that they will use every single day for the rest of their lives. For instance, communication and cognitive skills that develop through every day life activities, such as brushing their teeth or playing with their brothers and sisters. Continue reading

Laser Pegs Can Help Children With Special Needs Learn And Develop

laser-pegs-table 1

This fun toy does more than just entertain for many children!

It is no secret that kids love Laser Pegs. These fun, light up toys offer a unique way to be imaginative and build a custom creation from the ground up, all on your own. Plus, with their one of a kind light up abilities, creating a flying, soaring helicopter or magical, mystical dragon has never been more exciting.

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Top Five Fun Things You Can Do On The Laser Pegs Network


Bring your Laser Pegs experience to the next level with the Laser Pegs Network.


Laser Pegs are great toy sets that offer hours of creativity, learning and fun for anyone who wants to design a unique, light up creation. Whether you enjoy following along with one of our fan favorite toy kits, such as the Helicopter or the Indy Car, or you prefer to design your very own light up creation, Laser Pegs are a fun way to be creative, and also improve your fine motor skills, all from your very own living room. Continue reading