3 Reasons To Check Out The Laser Pegs Mobile App

Laser Pegs App

Learn about all of the fun, exiting activities your child can participate in through our mobile app.

While you may know all about the fun that Laser Pegs light up toys can bring children in the home and in the classroom, did you know that there is a whole other element to Laser Pegs’ fun that takes place right on your mobile device? The Laser Pegs Mobile App is a wonderful interactive app that was create for Laser Pegs fans of all ages to explore the world of their favorite light up toys further than they ever have before.

The Laser Pegs app offers a number of different features that you can enjoy right on your phone, including building your own Laser Pegs models, coloring in 3D, and creative instruction manuals that help you explore your favorite Laser Pegs kits even further. Best of all, the interactive Laser Pegs App 2.0 is completely free and easy to use for kids and adults.

To help you get a better idea of what you can expect from this creative app, here are three reasons why you should check out the Laser Pegs Mobile App today:

Build Your Own Laser Pegs Model

Whether you are a young, new creator who is just getting into Laser Pegs, or you are an advanced builder with a number of creative creations under your belt, this virtual construction app allows you to build Laser Pegs models in 3D and then create a corresponding manual so that you can recreate your model at home or share your design for others to recreate. Plus, with over 80 Laser Pegs pieces that rotate in three different directions, there are an endless number of possibilities of creations for you to make.

Play With The 3D Coloring Book

Once you have created your Laser Pegs masterpiece, use the app’s 3D Coloring Book to break down your model into steps, write descriptions, add backgrounds, light up your model with different colors, and even share your finished colored model with your friends. To color your Laser Peg, simply tap each piece to apply a color to the peg, then swipe, tap and pinch to rotate around the model and see your creation from any side.

Create Instruction Manuals For Your Models

The Instruction Manual tool on the Laser Pegs app allows you to make an instruction manual for all of the different models that you have created within the app. In these manuals, you can break down how to build your creation step by step, therefore it is easy for you and your friends to recreate at home. You can also show images within your manual and write descriptions of your model as you build.

The Laser Pegs Mobile App is currently available for iPad on the Apple App Store and on Android in the Marketplace. Download it today to take play time with your Laser Pegs to the next level and further your imagination with these light up toys.