5 Important Tips For Having A Safe Halloween

halloween safety

Besides Christmas, Halloween is without a doubt the most looked-forward to holiday for kids and the young at heart. And who wouldn’t love it? There’s candy, the ability to play dress up as whatever you choose, a night away from school work, plus some classic horror movies and TV show episodes to watch to give you a creepy chill up your spine.

For parents, Halloween can be a fun night out with their kids and neighbors, but without safety measures involved, the celebrated holiday can easily turn into a scene from one of those scary movies. Read our tips below on keeping Halloween the way it should be- safe and fun for all, with just the right touch of eeriness in the air.

1. Here’s a tradition that many families take part in every year- pumpkin carving. Adults should always be the ones handling the knife in this situation, although you can let the kids go crazy pulling out the insides! Kids can also feel like they’re helping out by drawing the face or design on the pumpkin before you cut it out. If you want to use a candle on the inside instead of a flashlight or glow stick, make sure it’s placed somewhere sturdy and out of the way of flammables.

2. When you dress your kids up, make sure to find bright and reflective costumes to make sure they’ll be seen as the sun goes down and it gets dark. If you can’t find a bright or reflective costume, think about adding a strip or two of reflective tape to their clothes. You can never been too careful.

3. Adding to this theme is to make sure your kids are brightly lit. If you’re in an area where it gets dark relatively early, be sure to carry around a flashlight to make it easier for your kids and cars alike to see each other. If you want to make it as fun as possible for your child, have them try out the Laser Pegs pendant for their own personalized flashlight option. Even with these safety hazards, try to walk only on the sidewalks if possible.

4. For younger children, trick-or-treating alone is never an option. But for older kids, starting at around 12 or 13 and older, trick-or-treating in a group of their peers can be a safe activity, if you’re comfortable with it. Be sure to plan out a route for them to follow, and agree on a time they should be back. Make sure they know emergency numbers if they become lost or an accident happens.

5. For safety rules inside your own house, make sure there’s nothing those little ghouls and goblins can trip over near your porch or front door. Try to keep pets away from the door in case they get overexcited and run out or jump on a trick-or-treater.

If you follow these easy steps, you’ll find that you and your children’s Halloween night will be full of treats, but not many tricks. For more information about keeping your child safe, visit Laser Peg’s blog today.

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