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NG400 National Geographic Space Instructions and Manuals

NG400 National Geographic Space 24 in 1 Models kit by Laser Pegs

Download All Manuals, (zipped) – 23.2 Mb 2 Stage Rocket pdf – 7.2 mb Alien Stunt Fighter pdf – 1.2 mb Astronaut pdf – 4.6 mb Flag on Moon pdf –  .9 mb Giant Robot, 1.6 mb Helper Bot, .9 mb Hover Vehicle, 1.3 mb Mars Transport Vehicle, .9 mb Mars Voyager, 1.3 mb Mini Robot, .9 mb Mini Space Shuttle, 1 mb Moon Rover, 9.5 mb Moon Speedster, 5.2 […]

NG100 National Geographic Oceans Instructions and Manuals

NG100 National Geographic Oceans 6 in 1 Models Kit by Laser Pegs

Download All Manuals, (zipped) – 26 Mb Tiger Shark, 4.7 mb Clownfish, 3.6 mb Deep Sea Explorer, 5.9 mb Hammerhead Shark, 5.6 mb Lantern Fish, 5.1 mb Manta Ray, 1.8 mb Dive down into the big blue world with this breathtaking 6 in 1 National Geographic Oceans kit from Laser Pegs! Take a deep breath before you build some magical underwater […]

NG200 National Geographic Animals Instructions and Manuals

NG200 National Geographic Animals 12 in 1 Models Kit by Laser Pegs

Download All Manuals, (zipped) – 16 Mb Aardvark, .9 mb Asian Crocodile, 1.8 mb Caribou, 2.1 mb Cassowary, 1.9 mb Elephant, 1.6 mb Gazelle, 2.6 mb Giraffe, 2.1 mb Hippopotamus, 1.7 mb Kangaroo, 1.7 mb Lion, 2.5 mb Rhinoceros, 2.6 mb Seal, 2 mb Take the ultimate safari adventure with this fully loaded 12 in 1 National Geographic Animals kit from Laser Pegs! Animal enthusiasts everywhere will […]

National Geographic Oceans Kit Wins Parents Choice Award

National Geographic Oceans

The National Geographic Laser Pegs Oceans Kit is a light-up construction set composed of clear, construction brick-like blocks that can be configured into 6 different, moveable and poseable, ocean creatures. The included instructions detail how to build a Manta Ray. Plans for four more fish (hammerhead shark, tiger shark, clownfish and a lantern fish) and […]

Trendy Mom Reviews Laser Pegs National Geographic Space Set


Hours of Fun with the Trendy National Geographic Space Laser Pegs Set Visit – Trendy Mom This month, we are going to feature trendy toys and activities that help to make summer break more exciting. We are going to start with our favorite toy so far – the trendy National Geographic Space Laser Pegs […]

National Geographic Oceans Kit Wins Tillywig Toy Award

National Geographic Oceans 6 in 1

National Geographic Oceans 6 in 1 Build 6 different lighted construction models from this single set and immerse yourself in a world of undersea adventure. Create Lanternfish, Tiger Shark, Hammerhead, Clownfish, Manta Ray, and Deep Sea Explorer using 62 Construction Parts and 10 Laser Pegs that assemble with varying degrees of intricacy. Each and every […]

National Geographic Toys from Laser Pegs Win Little Scientists Space Age Award

National Geographic Space

Winner of’s Space Age Toy Awards The National Geographic sets from Laser Pegs show a few famous historical items in a new light. Kids can now build their own spaceships, dinosaurs and pyramids using the specialized light-up pegs. The prices for each kit range from $24.99 to $79.99, and they will be in stores […]

Kevin Harrington joins Laser Pegs Board of Directors

kevin harrington joins laser pegs

For Immediate Release On: January 26, 2015 Kindly direct press inquiries to: Danielle Elderkin                                On-Site: Rainer Kuhn, CEO Cover Story Communications             Laser Pegs   +1-412-527-5124                                +1-941-483-6820 For high resolution photos of Kevin Harrington and new Laser Pegs products, as well as a complete catalog and press kit, please visit: Shark Tank’s Original Shark, […]

NG500 Landmarks and Archaeology Instructions and Manuals

NG500 National Geographic Landmarks and Archaeology 30 in 1 Models Kit by Laser Pegs

Download All Manuals, (zipped) – 123.3 Mb Alamo, 7.2 mb Angel of the North, 5.7 mb Aquaduct, 4.6 mb Arc de Triomphe, 6.9 mb Big Ben, 4.6 mb Bradenburg Gate, 5.8 mb Burj al Arab, 3.8 mb Burj al Khalifa, 4.1 mb Capitol Records Building, 7 mb Castle Ruins, 9.5 mb Chichen Itza, 5.2 mb Church Ruins, 6.8 mb Colosseum, […]

NG300 Dinosaurs Instructions and Manuals

NG300 Dinosaurs National Geographic Models Kit by Laser Pegs

Download All Manuals, (zipped) – 55.6 Mb Allosaur, 2.3 mb Ankylosaur, 7.5 mb Brachiosaur, 1.8 mb Chialingosaur, 2.2 mb Dilophosaur, 2.3 mb Gastonia 2.4 mb Graciliceratops, 2.2 mb Huayangosaur, 2.25 mb Ichthyosaur, 1.6 mb Microraptor, 7.4 mb Mosasaur, 2.7 mb Ouranosaur, 2 mb Parasauraloph, 2.1 mb Plesiosaur, 2.3 mb Pterosaur, 1.8 mb Sauroloph, 2.3 mb Sauropelta, […]