The Laser Pegs Team

laser pegs team

Laser Pegs® Team, Who Are We?

We are Laser Pegs®! Laser Pegs® is The Original Lighted Construction Set that combines two things kids love: light and building. We all have a passion for innovation, learning and making amazing products!

The Laser Pegs® team is, by far, the most exciting group of people in the world! Each team member brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Laser Pegs® and is a valuable asset as well. We all strive for perfection, creativity and fun, not necessarily in that order!

Each and every one of us has hours, if not DAYS of Laser Pegs® building under our belts, so we are all experts for sure!

Laser Pegs® equals Endless Possibilities – Our goal is to encourage children around the globe to become the innovators of tomorrow. Our belief is that through interaction with our products, which spark imagination and empower creativity, children of all ages can grow far beyond anyone’s expectations. Meet the Laser Pegs team in Sarasota Florida FL Lighted Construction toys are our lives and livelihood. We are the Laser Pegs Team, from Inventor to artists to developers to designers to modelers to salesmen Meet Laser Pegs® Staff in Sarasota Florida FL light up your childrens lives and imaginations with Laser Pegs®!