Birthday Party Ideas: Make Laser Pegs A Part Of Your Big Day

Make your day special with a Laser Pegs themed birthday party!

For a kid, there is nothing more fun and exciting than planning out your next birthday party. Whether their birthday is next week, next month or six months down the road, it is never too early to start dreaming up their perfect day and thinking about all of the fun activities that they are going to have at their party.

For instance, they could have an outdoor party where they play their favorite sport, a classic sleepover with a few of their closest friends, or even a themed party based around one of their favorite movies or their favorite toy. Laser Pegs, for example, are a great toy for bringing kids together at any kind of party or event, and can provide hours of fun and entertainment for everyone involved.


With Laser Pegs, you can follow one of our popular kit models to build a Butterfly or Spaceship, or even build your own creation with the light up pieces that easily snap together to build structures of all shapes and sizes. Your child could even build their own light up birthday cake to celebrate their big day, without ever having to worry about blowing out the lights of Laser Pegs.

If your kids are a big fan of Laser Pegs and want to make them a part of their next birthday, here are just a few ways in which you can incorporate this fun, educational toy into your next party:

Have A Timed Build Off

If your child and their friends are big fans of toys that build and connect, have them race against each other to build one of their favorite Laser Pegs classic creations, such as the Tractor or the Rocket. To play this game, separate the children at the party into equal teams, or even teams of one, and have them race against the clock to see who can build the same design the fastest. Whoever finishes in the shortest amount of time gets a prize.

Have A Dance Party

One of the most fun aspects of Laser Pegs is their exciting light up features. There are three different light modes to choose from, including constant, flash and strobe. Combining the different colors with these light modes can provide the perfect backdrop our outline for a dance floor. Have your kids put on their favorite high energy tunes and turn off the lights for their own kid-friendly dance club.

Have A Unique Creations Contest

If you have a party full of creative, inventive children, see what they can really do when they put their Laser Pegs skills to the test. This game is similar to a build off, but instead of following along with one of our pre-designed kit manuals, have children design and build their own creations. Give them a set amount of time and pieces, and at the end of the designated time, have a team of adult judges vote for their favorites. That person will get a special prize.

If your child has a birthday party coming up, consider incorporating Laser Pegs into their big day! Check out our shop today to select one of our popular pre-made models or create a creation all in your own. Happy building!

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