Bring Light To Bad Weather Days With Light Up Laser Pegs

Drive away the winter blues with these fun, bright toys.

February is often the month of winter that brings with it the biggest amount of winter blues. The excitement of the holiday season has already passed, the newness and freshness of the snow outside has faded, yet the weather is not quite bright and hopefully enough to suggest that spring is on the horizon. Due to the overall “blahness” that often comes with this month, it is easy for families to fall into a lull that matches the boring, overcast days outside.

However, do not waste these last few weeks of winter jaded inside of your home simply because the cold has driven you inside. We have some fun and excitement for the whole family to enjoy that is sure to bring some brightness and light into to your life―Laser Pegs

Our light up Laser Pegs kits are not only some of the hottest, most fun toys available for 2013, but they also offer hours of enjoyment for the whole family. These one of a kind toys are the first construction toy set ever in which once one peg is connected to a power source, they continue to illuminate any other peg that it is connected to it. Therefore, each and every time your family connects a new piece, a little more brightness will be brought into the room.

Plus, you never have to worry about whether or not your children are spending too much time playing when they should be learning. Laser Pegs are a unique, educational toy that helps to teach kids creative abstract thinking, problem solving, math skills, pattern recognition and improved hand/eye coordination.

If you are looking to bring a little more light and fun into your home to help drive away the February winter blues, here are just a few ways in which your whole family can get involved with Laser Pegs:

Explore The Laser Pegs Network

When you start playing with Laser Pegs, you are also gaining access to our fun online network where kids can share their unique designs and creations, as well as build their own knowledge with exclusive tutorials, print directions and instructional videos. You can also share videos of your family’s Laser Pegs masterpiece in the Network photo gallery. If you interact enough across the Laser Pegs Network, you can even make it on our Laser Pegs Leaderboard, which features the top 5 contributors to each section on the Network.

Build Your Family’s Communication

While Laser Pegs kits may be primarily fun and entertaining, they are also building your communication skills as a family when you play with Laser Pegs together. The overall systematic design of this unique toy appeals to children especially who have poor communication skills, as the light up building set gives them a way to show their creativity and personal preferences in a way they might not have had access to before.

Have Fun As A Family

No matter what you are building with Laser Pegs or what kit you are putting together, one thing is for sure―you will have fun doing so. These toys give parents and children alike a chance to come together and express themselves and work as a team to create a unique masterpiece. Plus, once you have finished with your creation, you can leave it glowing and shining to show off all of your hard work.

Do not the gloomy days of winter get you down when you are stuck indoors. Instead, bring Laser Pegs into your home to brighten the spirit of your whole family!