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The Brick Blogger is a LEGO enthusiast website and they approve of our products and feel Laser Pegs can enhance the LEGO experience.

LEGO Compatible Brands

Reviews of other toy-lines compatible with LEGO; ranging from large brands to small customisers fulfilling the unique cravings of LEGO-fans! ;)

LASER PEGS – construction toys with lights

Thumbnail image for LASER PEGS – construction toys with lightsWhile shopping for LEGO at various retailers you may have run into a brand called LASER PEGS.
They are usually placed in the same isle as LEGO, or somewhere close by.
You will notice on the boxes that the elements look very similar to LEGO (same size bricks, knobs on top, etc.), but the pieces are […]
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Laser Pegs Help Children Learn and Grow


Giving children building blocks for learning purposes will help to expand their knowledge and dexterity. Playing with construction sets in conjunction with others is also a way to instill social graces within a child. Laser Pegs sells many constructions sets that will aid in the educational development of your child.

Benefits of Laser Pegs Construction Kits:

With building block or construction sets, a child will reap many great benefits.

  • Motor refinement- when a child uses blocks for play, they are able to build their arm, hand, and finger muscles. Eye-hand coordination becomes more defined as they stack blocks on top of each other or push interlocking blocks together. Overall, the child develops increased motor skill refinement.
  • Social skills- using blocks and construction sets for group play will help the children develop necessary skills with one another. Everyone in the group will identify blocks that they would like to use for their building purposes. Sharing and communicating about the construction pieces with the others in the group will establish social skills.
  • Awareness- asking a child to reconstruct objects that they have seen in their surroundings will help them become more aware of the world around them.
  • Speech- when adults build with children and ask them to describe what they have created, the child learns to articulate better. A way to build vocabulary in older children would be to help them write signs for their projects.

Educational Building Block Sets:

Laser Pegs has a fine selection of educational construction and block sets that make cool toys along with teaching concepts to a child. The Laser Pegs light up block set comes with word, letter, and number blocks which can further increase a child’s language skills. With the 3d light table a child’s interest is sure to be kept for long periods of play.

The Runners construction sets are ideal for providing a creative outlet that will enhance many aspects of a child’s education. Fine movement skills will be increased while the child push the pieces together and pull them apart. The Runners have six different set designs wrapped into one set of building blocks.

Investing in Laser Pegs building blocks and construction sets will bring great benefit to a child’s developmental skills.

Mr. Dad Seal of Approval Winner for Father’s Day 2014

MLB toys

Laser Pegs MLB lighted construction set was awarded the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval. The Seal recognizes products that facilitate father-child relationships by getting dads and kids engaged and having fun together.

Mr. Dad Award

The Laser Pegs® Major League Baseball kit is a Limited Edition set that comes with three new light-up Laser Pegs® (bat, ball, and glove) and enough classic Laser Pegs shapes and construction parts to build 12 different baseball-themed creations. Choose from 30 team decals to add to personalize your set.

MLB Lego CompatibleThis is a great building set for any baseball player or game enthusiast. And, as with so many other building sets, it’s a great way for dads to bond with their kids. It might also spark an interest in baseball that could translate into other areas, such as playing catch, joining a team that dad can coach, or picking up some third-base-line seats at a real major- or minor-league game. View all winners!


MLB Toys from Laser Pegs

National Geographic Oceans Kit Wins Parents Choice Award

National Geographic Oceans

The National Geographic Laser Pegs Oceans Kit is a light-up construction set composed of clear, construction brick-like blocks that can be configured into 6 different, moveable and poseable, ocean creatures. The included instructions detail how to build a Manta Ray. Plans for four more fish (hammerhead shark, tiger shark, clownfish and a lantern fish) and one deep sea explorer vehicle can be downloaded from the Laser Pegs website. And because Laser Pegs are compatible with other construction toy bricks, the possibilities continue. This specific kit includes a total of 73 parts; 10 Laser Pegs, 62 construction parts and a triangle power base. While a bit advanced for the lower end of suggested age range to complete without help, one six year old tester worked with his mom to complete and illuminate the Manta Ray in about 30 minutes. And then they made popcorn and watched Finding Nemo.

PC-SealEstablished in 1978, Parents’ Choice Foundation is the nation’s oldest nonprofit consumer guide to quality children’s media. As a Parents’ Choice Award® winner, Laser Pegs is a member of a very select group. Fewer than 25% of the products receive any level of commendation. Parents’ Choice serves as a trusted and independent source for educators and librarians, journalists, as well as families searching for quality children’s media and toys.

Other National Geographic Toys from Laser Pegs

National Geographic Oceans Kit Wins Tillywig Toy Award

National Geographic Oceans 6 in 1

Tillywig Toy and Media Awards

national-geographic-laserpegs-oceans-boxNational Geographic Oceans 6 in 1

Build 6 different lighted construction models from this single set and immerse yourself in a world of undersea adventure. Create Lanternfish, Tiger Shark, Hammerhead, Clownfish, Manta Ray, and Deep Sea Explorer using 62 Construction Parts and 10 Laser Pegs that assemble with varying degrees of intricacy.

Each and every model becomes luminously beautiful when you press the button in the Power Base, sending rays of colored light pulsing through them. Instructions take you through the building of each model step by step. The only thing you need are your own two hands – no tools, no mess. The pieces hold together sturdily but connect and disassemble easily, making exploration and creativity simple to execute. You can even combine and connect the parts with other construction kits. Endless fascinating fun for curious minds.


100% Compatible with Other Major Construction Kits
Requires 3 AA Batteries, Not Included

Other National Geographic Toys from Laser Pegs

National Geographic Toys from Laser Pegs Win Little Scientists Space Age Award

National Geographic Space

Winner of’s Space Age Toy Awards

Space Age AwardThe National Geographic sets from Laser Pegs show a few famous historical items in a new light. Kids can now build their own spaceships, dinosaurs and pyramids using the specialized light-up pegs. The prices for each kit range from $24.99 to $79.99, and they will be in stores starting in August this year.

Finalists also included Oregon Scientific’s SmartGlobe Star — an interactive constellation globe for kids to learn about the stars — and Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Mini-Kits that can help kids learn the properties of snow, lava and slime.


National Geographic Space

24 Models in 1

Voyage to a distant galaxy or colonize a new world with this awesome 24 in 1 National Geographic Space kit from Laser Pegs! You are the astronaut as you build out of this world models like the Mars Voyager, Hover Vehicle, Alien Stunt Fighter, Star Cruiser, and many more. When space gets too dark light up your creations to keep exploring to the edge of the universe and beyond!

National Geographic Toys

Award Winning National Geographic Toys from Laser Pegs®