Kevin Harrington joins Laser Pegs Board of Directors

kevin harrington joins laser pegs

For Immediate Release On: January 26, 2015

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Shark Tank’s Original Shark, Kevin Harrington, Appearing at Toy Fair;
Serving on Laser Pegs® Board of Directors & as Strategic Marketing Advisor
Harrington helps Laser Pegs unveil 12 new and updated products for 2015

(January 26, 2015 – Sarasota, FL) – Laser Pegs® Ventures, the Original Lighted Construction Set® announced today that Kevin Harrington joined the Laser Pegs Board of Directors and will act as the key driver of Marketing Strategies for the organization.

Harrington, the inventor of the modern infomercial and pioneer of the “As Seen on TV” industry—as well as an original Shark on “Shark Tank”—has spearheaded the global marketing and sales of 500+ products, generating gross sales of more than $4 billion. He is widely regarded as the leading authority on direct-response brand building.

kevin harrington joins laser pegsTwelve new and updated models of Laser Pegs Original Lighted Construction Sets are launching at the New York Toy FairLaser Pegs booth (#1883), where Toy Fair attendees can meet Harrington on Monday, February 16th, from 11 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

“When I saw the Laser Pegs product line for the first time at one of our Big Pitch events, I immediately saw the opportunity to bring fun and excitement to kids all over the world, and make Laser Pegs a household name,” says Harrington.

“The Big Pitch with Kevin Harrington” is a new reality series that propels innovators and entrepreneurs from a high-pressure pitch directly to a TV shopping program, where consumers get first crack at amazing products. The premiere episode will air in February on Fox.

“We are extremely proud to announce our relationship here at the New York Toy Fair,” says Jon Capriola, Lead Designer and Founder of Laser Pegs. “Our partnership promises to take Laser Pegs to a new level in establishing us as a global brand.”

New and Enhanced Laser Pegs Models for 2015

A series of 6 new Laser Pegs models and 6 updated Illuminated Construction Kits will be available starting in Q2, 2015. New kits include Colored & Tinted Bricks and Plates in all new sets, and Sound Activated Illumination capabilities in kits with the Triangular Power Base. Kits with Sound Activated Illumination use LEDs that strobe to the beat of music, voices, clapping, etc.

The 6 new models being added to the Laser Pegs line include one from the popular National Geographic Collection:

  • 8-in-1 Scout Helicopter
  • 12-in-1 Formula Racer
  • 30-in-1 SuperCopter with Sound Activated Illumination
  • 8-in-1 Photon Runner
  • 8-in-1 Construction Vehicle
  • 8-in-1 National Geographic® Interstellar Rover

“From our research we know that kids love tinted color bricks,” explains Capriola. “So we’ve updated all the 2015 kits to accommodate tinted bricks, which will add great on-shelf appeal.”

The six models from the existing line that have been enhanced with the addition of Tinted Bricks and Sound Activated Illumination are:

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Press Inquiries, Danielle Elderkin, Coverstory,, +1-412-527-5124

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About Laser Pegs
Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Laser Pegs® is the Original Lighted Construction Set®. Encouraging forward-thinking multi-dimensional play, Laser Pegs products combine two things nearly every kid loves: light and building things.

Year after year, Laser Pegs has been recognized as an award-winning toy (50 in all!) because of its “Slide, Stack & Spin” play pattern, by esteemed organizations like Dr. Toy, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Parenting magazine, and Good Housekeeping magazine. Its merits in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning have been well documented as well, making it one of the bestselling toys in its network of retailers. 

The Laser Pegs brand of toys will soon launch an animated series called Peg Heads® to truly bring the story to life. For more information, please visit

U.S. Headquarters – 8304 Consumer Court, Sarasota, FL  34240

Phone 941.371.0909 / Toll Free 866.432.3735 / Facsimile 941.894.6474

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Laser Pegs 6 in 1 Motorized Runners Kits on Sale for $12.99

6 in 1 motorized runners

Laser Pegs 6 in 1 Runners Motorized Kits on Sale for $12.99

Build them, light them up, race them, crash them… REBUILD THEM! The Runners sets are intense and kids love to build, crash and rebuild them!

6 IN 1 RUNNERS KITSLaser Pegs 6 in 1 Runners Motorized Construction Tank

Normally $24.99 On Sale for only $12.99
6 in 1 Tank RUNNERS
Build the motorized light up Mini Tank and 5 more light up models like the Amphibious Vehicle, R1 Tank and the Recon Runner.

Laser Pegs 6 in 1 Runners Motorized Construction Cars

Normally $24.99 On Sale for only $12.99
6 in 1 Car RUNNERS
Build the motorized light up Micro Tuner and 5 more light up models like the Crane, Mini Truck and the Safety Truck.

Buy them, build them, race them, crash them and REBUILD THEM!

That’s the fun of the Laser Pegs 6 in 1 Runners Kits!

Build all of our previously thought of models with these kits then add your own construction bricks, construction plates, construction parts and Laser Pegs and build something unique and share it with us! We want to see what you can build!

awards for laser pegs awards

Only $12.99 On Sale for a LIMITED TIME!
Motorized Light Up RUNNERS Car 6 Models in 1 kit

Race what you build with your own motorized light up Mini Truck, Speed Runner, or Micro Tuner in the Laser Pegs® 6-in-1 Car Runners kit. This runners car’s speedy power base lets you build directly on its surface with Laser Pegs® and construction bricks so that you can make any of your creations zoom down the track. Reconstruct from the 6 Runners shown here or be the designer of that sleek new hot rod. Just install 3 AAA batteries (batteries not included) into the Runners Power Base to illuminate your Runners Car Laser Pegs® creation. Change the switch on the bottom of the base to cycle through these 4 settings: power off, illuminate while still, illuminate while in motion, flash while in motion. The speed of the Runners® can also be changed to Fast or Slow, and a hitch on the front and back of the base allows you to hook your model to any other Runners Power Base.

Only $12.99 On Sale for a LIMITED TIME!
Motorized Light Up TANK RUNNERS Tank 6 Models in 1 Kit

Power over treacherous terrain with these motorized light up Laser Pegs® Tank Runners. Build from the 6 models shown or optimize your own surveillance vehicle for that top-secret recon mission. This rugged power base lets you build directly on its surface with Laser Pegs® and construction bricks so that you can make any of your creations cross the unknown. Illuminate and explore with the Laser Pegs® Tank Runners kit. Just install 3 AAA batteries (batteries not included) into the Runners Power Base to illuminate your Laser Pegs®. Change the switch on the bottom of the base to cycle through these 4 settings: power off, illuminate while still, illuminate while in motion, flash while in motion. The speed of the Runners® can also be changed to Fast or Slow, and a hitch on the front and back of the base allows you to hook your model to any other Runners™ Power Base. With the runners tank, your imagination is your only constraint!

Laser Pegs featured on the Real Momma Blog

tinted laser-pegs

Recent Blog review and write up about Laser Pegs new Tinted construction sets.

Great Christmas gifts for boys AND girls!

You’ll want to get your hands on the latest craze!  Have you heard of Laser Pegs?

They are the first construction toy set in the world in which each piece feeds the next piece low voltage current!  Crazy right!  They’re taking two of the things kids love – lights and building and turning it into endless fun.

Tinted Laser Pegs


Laser Pegs – The Ultimate Construction Toy

A little about the Laser Pegs kits:

Each kit comes with a range of models to assemble out of Laser Pegs and clear or colorful construction pieces. All the parts are easy to rearrange and swap so that anyone can build their own light up creation!  The new tinted pieces give the kits a whole new look that all kids love.  The part I like is how each kit has multiple ways it can be built.  Take the Tinted Dragon kit featured above that has 57 models in 1!  Now that’s a lot of fun and building in one box.

Read the whole story here at

Behind the blog:

I’m Laura and I guess this is where I tell you a little about me and my goals!  I’m a self-employed Mom of 2 – a fiery 7 year old and troublesome 3 year old – wife, and sometimes me!  It seems like there is never a dull moment around here.  Running on not much sleep and often low patience while trying to be positive and have an optimistic outlook on life on top of multi-tasking creates an interesting and sometimes hectic day.

Now for my goals!!  Have you seen my 101 Things in 1001 Days?  You’re going to want to take a look, since I made this list so many amazing things have been happening in my life and my dreams are becoming a reality!  Looking for some meal planning tips?  You’ll want to take a peek at my FREE goodies!

My promise to you…I guarantee I will be honest and authentic. I will post something at least twice a week that pertains to all different areas in my life as well as yours.  I’ll share my inspirations, my hard times, family memories, cooking, exercise, ways to become better at being you and connect with your life purpose, and of course me!

Exclusive 2014 Tinted Parts Laser Pegs Kits Dragon and Space

laser pegs limited edition tinted pieces

Limited Edition Laser Pegs Tinted Parts Kits, Dragon and Space Fighter.

You talked, We listened!
You wanted to see our most popular kits with tinted pieces, bricks and plates and we delivered!
Check out our over 57 models in 1 kit Tinted Dragon Kit here:

We also released, exclusive for 2014, our over 16 models in 1 kit Tinted Space Fighter Kit here:

This was a limited production run for 2014… Hurry and get yours today. These kits are so visually appealing, you and your children are guaranteed to love them.

laser pegs limited edition tinted pieces

Limited Edition Laser Pegs Tinted Parts Dragon over 57 models in 1 Kit
Sale! Just $84.99

All New, 2014 Limited Edition, EXCLUSIVE ITEM! Tinted Parts with Laser Pegs 57 in 1 Models Dragon Kit. If you’re looking for the ultimate value in Laser Pegs, the Limited Edition 57 in 1 Tinted Dragon kit is your answer! Pick from an incredible assortment of models to build including the Sea Monster, Moon Capsule, Giant Robot, Rhino, and many others.

Limited Edition Laser Pegs Tinted Parts Space Fighter
Sale! Just $49.99

Laser Pegs® Limited Edition Tinted Parts Space Fighter Kit. Build the light up Transatmospheric Fighter and 15 more light up models like the All Terrain Racer, Alien Rover Droid, and the Automaton.

Laser Pegs introduces The Peg Heads

the peg heads by laser pegs

Laser Pegs introduces The Peg Heads at Fall Toy Preview in Dallas, Texas!

the peg heads by laser pegs

From left to right, they are Peg, (Pink), Zippy, (Green), and Spinner, (Blue)!

Watch them go to the Fruitville Museum below!

The Peg Heads in Bad Air Day

Feel free to check them out over at iStory Animation Studios!

peg heads at the museum


Peg, Spinner and Zippy are at the Fruitville Museum

peg heads at fall toy preview


The Peg Heads are adorable, unique, characters that girls and boys of all ages love!


Laser Pegs Product Spotlight – MLB Laser Pegs

laser pegs major league baseball models kits

Hit A Grand Slam With The MLB Laser Pegs Major League Baseball MLB Kits!

The Limited Edition Laser Pegs MLB Laser Pegs line allows you to light up your favorite baseball teams. The MLB kits come with exclusive baseball , baseball glove, and baseball bat Laser Peg shapes, delivering endless amounts of fun and igniting creativity in children. These kits also feature stickers with 30 MLB team logos, allowing you to customize your creations. These unique construction kits build into more than just one model. The family of MLB products include a 6 baseball models in 1 kit, a 12 baseball models in 1 kit and a 24 baseball models in 1 kit, that’s a total of 42 models! You can view the instruction to these 42 models from our manuals page or allow your creation to go wild and create your own!

This is an amazing Major League Baseball MLB Laser Pegs construction set for any baseball player or baseball fanatic. It’s also a great way for dads to bond with their kids. It might also spark an interest in baseball that could translate into other areas, such as playing catch, joining a team that dad can coach, or picking up some third-base-line seats at a real major, or minor, league game.

Order MLB Kits Here
Laser Pegs MLB Kits officially licensed Major League Baseball models

Laser Pegs MLB Kits, officially licensed Major League Baseball models kits. Build your favorite teams now!

Laser Pegs’ De-LIGHT-ful Toys Brighten The 2014 Holiday Season

Laser Pegs Holiday

Make the holidays magical this season with Laser Pegs line of light up toys.

Laser Pegs are a completely unique toy unlike anything else your child has.

This award winning line of construction toys are the first in the WORLD where each light piece feeds the next through low voltage current. A true bright light among all other toys!

Laser Pegs Wonderful Educational Toys

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Why Doesn’t Laser Pegs Include Manuals With Their Toy Kits?

eco friendly

Laser Pegs is taking big steps towards becoming more eco-friendly, even in our packaging!

Many children and parents around the country love playing with our large line of Laser Pegs light-up toys. From each unique kit, not only are you able to build our signature creations such as the Dragon, the Helicopter, the Butterfly and the Spaceship, but you are also able to create an endless amount of custom creations that come straight from your own imagination!

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Laser Pegs Have Won Two Tillywig Toy Awards!

Tillywig Awards | Laser Pegs

Our Helicopter and Power Block Laser Pegs were among the Tillywig winners.

Every day, we here at Laser Pegs get to hear from wonderful parents and children about how Laser Pegs have made a big impact in their lives. Whether our light up Laser Pegs kits allow them to come together for family play time after school, they have improved a child’s motor and sensory skills, or they are helping a child to do better in school, we are so happy that many families around the world have made our Laser Pegs toys some of their favorites!

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Laser Pegs iPad App Isn't Just For Kids!

Laser Pegs FREE iPad App is Reviewed by Tech Tools 4 Mom.
Read the original review HERE and register for the giveaway to WIN a Laser Pegs kit!

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