goddard schools testing laser pegs
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Goddard School Kid Tested Christmas Toys

“Just all the colors?” a teacher asks one of the kindergartners in her class “Yeaaaa,” says the student. Clearly the paint with marbles kit was a big hit with these four and five year olds. “I have a raccoon, or a cat…which do you want?” says the teacher as she shows the outline of the […]

laser pegs featured parenting patch
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Laser Pegs Zippy Do Planes Featured on the Parenting Patch Website

Laser Pegs 6 in 1 Zippy Do Planes Kit Review: Courtesy of The School Shop September 20th, 2015 by HEATHER JOHNSON  For my children, I prefer simple toys that require the imagination. Blocks of all shapes and sizes are perfect toys in my household. I fondly remember spending hours building brick block creations with my younger […]

tech age kids laser pegs
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Laser Pegs Featured on Tech Age Kids Technology Website

Laser Pegs reviewed on Tech Age Kids website, here’s their review: Laser Pegs Hands-On Review – Light Up Construction Bricks Laser Pegs are sets of light up construction bricks which are compatible with leading brands. The sets includes regular brick and stud pieces and others that have coloured LEDs inside – these pieces come in […]

laser pegs top 10 qualities
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The Top 10 Ten Qualities of Laser Pegs

What are the top 10 qualities of Laser Pegs? We’ve created a graphic to help express the Top 10 Qualities of Laser Pegs. Which of the following is your #1 quality of Laser Pegs? The Light-Up Aspect of Laser Pegs Enhances Interest Level vs. Non-Illuminated Construction Sets With a Diverse Selection of Light-Up Power Bases, […]

laser pegs brick loot featured boxes
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Laser Pegs Joins Brick Loot Partners for August 2015

Brick Loot’s August theme is… RISE OF THE BRICKBOTS! The Brick Loot August boxes ship August 10th, 2015 #laserpegs #brickloot #LEGO #lightitup #stem #education We are honored to have been selected and included in August’s custom LEGO®, complimentary and compatible box! It’s a great partnership with Brick Loot and we hope to help spread the word! […]

laser pegs featured on jennifers little world blod
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Laser Pegs Featured on Jennifer’s Little World Blog

Laser Pegs Featured on Jennifer’s Little World Blog Thursday, 2 July 2015 Review – Laser Pegs Helicopter 8 models in 1 light up construction set Harry has been having fun recently playing with Laser Pegs after we were sent the Laser Pegs 8-in-1 Helicopter Construction Set to review. Laser Pegs are a construction kit, a standalone set […]