Kevin Harrington joins Laser Pegs Board of Directors

kevin harrington joins laser pegs

For Immediate Release On: January 26, 2015

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Shark Tank’s Original Shark, Kevin Harrington, Appearing at Toy Fair;
Serving on Laser Pegs® Board of Directors & as Strategic Marketing Advisor
Harrington helps Laser Pegs unveil 12 new and updated products for 2015

(January 26, 2015 – Sarasota, FL) – Laser Pegs® Ventures, the Original Lighted Construction Set® announced today that Kevin Harrington joined the Laser Pegs Board of Directors and will act as the key driver of Marketing Strategies for the organization.

Harrington, the inventor of the modern infomercial and pioneer of the “As Seen on TV” industry—as well as an original Shark on “Shark Tank”—has spearheaded the global marketing and sales of 500+ products, generating gross sales of more than $4 billion. He is widely regarded as the leading authority on direct-response brand building.

kevin harrington joins laser pegsTwelve new and updated models of Laser Pegs Original Lighted Construction Sets are launching at the New York Toy FairLaser Pegs booth (#1883), where Toy Fair attendees can meet Harrington on Monday, February 16th, from 11 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

“When I saw the Laser Pegs product line for the first time at one of our Big Pitch events, I immediately saw the opportunity to bring fun and excitement to kids all over the world, and make Laser Pegs a household name,” says Harrington.

“The Big Pitch with Kevin Harrington” is a new reality series that propels innovators and entrepreneurs from a high-pressure pitch directly to a TV shopping program, where consumers get first crack at amazing products. The premiere episode will air in February on Fox.

“We are extremely proud to announce our relationship here at the New York Toy Fair,” says Jon Capriola, Lead Designer and Founder of Laser Pegs. “Our partnership promises to take Laser Pegs to a new level in establishing us as a global brand.”

New and Enhanced Laser Pegs Models for 2015

A series of 6 new Laser Pegs models and 6 updated Illuminated Construction Kits will be available starting in Q2, 2015. New kits include Colored & Tinted Bricks and Plates in all new sets, and Sound Activated Illumination capabilities in kits with the Triangular Power Base. Kits with Sound Activated Illumination use LEDs that strobe to the beat of music, voices, clapping, etc.

The 6 new models being added to the Laser Pegs line include one from the popular National Geographic Collection:

  • 8-in-1 Scout Helicopter
  • 12-in-1 Formula Racer
  • 30-in-1 SuperCopter with Sound Activated Illumination
  • 8-in-1 Photon Runner
  • 8-in-1 Construction Vehicle
  • 8-in-1 National Geographic® Interstellar Rover

“From our research we know that kids love tinted color bricks,” explains Capriola. “So we’ve updated all the 2015 kits to accommodate tinted bricks, which will add great on-shelf appeal.”

The six models from the existing line that have been enhanced with the addition of Tinted Bricks and Sound Activated Illumination are:

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About Laser Pegs
Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Laser Pegs® is the Original Lighted Construction Set®. Encouraging forward-thinking multi-dimensional play, Laser Pegs products combine two things nearly every kid loves: light and building things.

Year after year, Laser Pegs has been recognized as an award-winning toy (50 in all!) because of its “Slide, Stack & Spin” play pattern, by esteemed organizations like Dr. Toy, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Parenting magazine, and Good Housekeeping magazine. Its merits in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning have been well documented as well, making it one of the bestselling toys in its network of retailers. 

The Laser Pegs brand of toys will soon launch an animated series called Peg Heads® to truly bring the story to life. For more information, please visit

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Laser Pegs featured and added to the Brick Blogger


Laser Pegs are featured on today and are now listed in their “Compatible Brands” section.

The Brick Blogger is a LEGO enthusiast website and they approve of our products and feel Laser Pegs can enhance the LEGO experience.

LEGO Compatible Brands

Reviews of other toy-lines compatible with LEGO; ranging from large brands to small customisers fulfilling the unique cravings of LEGO-fans! ;)

LASER PEGS – construction toys with lights

Thumbnail image for LASER PEGS – construction toys with lightsWhile shopping for LEGO at various retailers you may have run into a brand called LASER PEGS.
They are usually placed in the same isle as LEGO, or somewhere close by.
You will notice on the boxes that the elements look very similar to LEGO (same size bricks, knobs on top, etc.), but the pieces are […]
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Laser Pegs featured on the Real Momma Blog

tinted laser-pegs

Recent Blog review and write up about Laser Pegs new Tinted construction sets.

Great Christmas gifts for boys AND girls!

You’ll want to get your hands on the latest craze!  Have you heard of Laser Pegs?

They are the first construction toy set in the world in which each piece feeds the next piece low voltage current!  Crazy right!  They’re taking two of the things kids love – lights and building and turning it into endless fun.

Tinted Laser Pegs


Laser Pegs – The Ultimate Construction Toy

A little about the Laser Pegs kits:

Each kit comes with a range of models to assemble out of Laser Pegs and clear or colorful construction pieces. All the parts are easy to rearrange and swap so that anyone can build their own light up creation!  The new tinted pieces give the kits a whole new look that all kids love.  The part I like is how each kit has multiple ways it can be built.  Take the Tinted Dragon kit featured above that has 57 models in 1!  Now that’s a lot of fun and building in one box.

Read the whole story here at

Behind the blog:

I’m Laura and I guess this is where I tell you a little about me and my goals!  I’m a self-employed Mom of 2 – a fiery 7 year old and troublesome 3 year old – wife, and sometimes me!  It seems like there is never a dull moment around here.  Running on not much sleep and often low patience while trying to be positive and have an optimistic outlook on life on top of multi-tasking creates an interesting and sometimes hectic day.

Now for my goals!!  Have you seen my 101 Things in 1001 Days?  You’re going to want to take a look, since I made this list so many amazing things have been happening in my life and my dreams are becoming a reality!  Looking for some meal planning tips?  You’ll want to take a peek at my FREE goodies!

My promise to you…I guarantee I will be honest and authentic. I will post something at least twice a week that pertains to all different areas in my life as well as yours.  I’ll share my inspirations, my hard times, family memories, cooking, exercise, ways to become better at being you and connect with your life purpose, and of course me!

Laser Pegs Help Children Learn and Grow


Giving children building blocks for learning purposes will help to expand their knowledge and dexterity. Playing with construction sets in conjunction with others is also a way to instill social graces within a child. Laser Pegs sells many constructions sets that will aid in the educational development of your child.

Benefits of Laser Pegs Construction Kits:

With building block or construction sets, a child will reap many great benefits.

  • Motor refinement- when a child uses blocks for play, they are able to build their arm, hand, and finger muscles. Eye-hand coordination becomes more defined as they stack blocks on top of each other or push interlocking blocks together. Overall, the child develops increased motor skill refinement.
  • Social skills- using blocks and construction sets for group play will help the children develop necessary skills with one another. Everyone in the group will identify blocks that they would like to use for their building purposes. Sharing and communicating about the construction pieces with the others in the group will establish social skills.
  • Awareness- asking a child to reconstruct objects that they have seen in their surroundings will help them become more aware of the world around them.
  • Speech- when adults build with children and ask them to describe what they have created, the child learns to articulate better. A way to build vocabulary in older children would be to help them write signs for their projects.

Educational Building Block Sets:

Laser Pegs has a fine selection of educational construction and block sets that make cool toys along with teaching concepts to a child. The Laser Pegs light up block set comes with word, letter, and number blocks which can further increase a child’s language skills. With the 3d light table a child’s interest is sure to be kept for long periods of play.

The Runners construction sets are ideal for providing a creative outlet that will enhance many aspects of a child’s education. Fine movement skills will be increased while the child push the pieces together and pull them apart. The Runners have six different set designs wrapped into one set of building blocks.

Investing in Laser Pegs building blocks and construction sets will bring great benefit to a child’s developmental skills.

National Geographic Oceans Kit Wins Parents Choice Award

National Geographic Oceans

The National Geographic Laser Pegs Oceans Kit is a light-up construction set composed of clear, construction brick-like blocks that can be configured into 6 different, moveable and poseable, ocean creatures. The included instructions detail how to build a Manta Ray. Plans for four more fish (hammerhead shark, tiger shark, clownfish and a lantern fish) and one deep sea explorer vehicle can be downloaded from the Laser Pegs website. And because Laser Pegs are compatible with other construction toy bricks, the possibilities continue. This specific kit includes a total of 73 parts; 10 Laser Pegs, 62 construction parts and a triangle power base. While a bit advanced for the lower end of suggested age range to complete without help, one six year old tester worked with his mom to complete and illuminate the Manta Ray in about 30 minutes. And then they made popcorn and watched Finding Nemo.

PC-SealEstablished in 1978, Parents’ Choice Foundation is the nation’s oldest nonprofit consumer guide to quality children’s media. As a Parents’ Choice Award® winner, Laser Pegs is a member of a very select group. Fewer than 25% of the products receive any level of commendation. Parents’ Choice serves as a trusted and independent source for educators and librarians, journalists, as well as families searching for quality children’s media and toys.

Other National Geographic Toys from Laser Pegs

Trendy Mom Reviews Laser Pegs National Geographic Space Set


Trendy Mom Reviews

Hours of Fun with the Trendy National Geographic Space Laser Pegs Set

Visit – Trendy Mom

This month, we are going to feature trendy toys and activities that help to make summer break more exciting. We are going to start with our favorite toy so far – the trendy National Geographic Space Laser Pegs Set! My son is going to attend a NASA Space Camp later this summer, so I knew that he would love this set.

We think that this set is one of the best toys for summer vacation because it is an extremely engaging set that can entertain for hours. It allows children to use their imaginations, practice following instructions, and learn about space. The designers of this set put a lot of thought into this product. There are 24 different models that children can build with the pieces. There are also infinite possibilities of designs that children can invent on their own.


Personally, my son jumped up and down when he saw the box. He couldn’t wait to tear the box open so that he could start building. The first thing that he created was the trendy astronaut. I was amazed how focused he was on following the instructions. I was also amazed at how quiet he was as he played for hours with this set. The 24 different designs will keep children busy for a very long time, so we feel like this toy is a really good deal considering how much our son plays with it. We also like the educational aspect of it because our son asks questions about the different models. The models inspired him to learn more about space.

The National Geographic Space Laser Pegs Set is first Trendy Toy Pick for Summer Vacation. It is educational and fun!

Visit – Trendy Mom