Construction Sets of Past Decades

A number of toys made their debut in the late 1980s. Some started out as toys and were later introduced in cartoon stories: “Star Wars,” “Dennis the Menace,” and “Small Wonder.” These programs became the hits of that decade and were then introduced in the form of toys in the market. Electronic toys became extremely popular and were generally referred to as the most constructive ones.

The Changes in Electronic Toys in the Last 50 Years

The scientific advancement in electronic toys has always amazed kids over the past decades. These not only entertain young kids for hours but the adults a well. Electronic items like video games, remote-controlled cars have been amongst the most unique kid toys that are still loved by children as well as grown-ups.

One of the first electric toys introduced in the market was the electric train, which pushed the consumers to own it for themselves. The first electric train was created in 1901 and its eye-catching appeal grabbed appreciation for years. At first, it was named as electronic express and it ran on batteries then over a century later similar other electronic trains were invented and reached to the hearts of kids.

Toys Invented in the Early 1970’s

In the early 1970s, famous toy maker ‘Nolan Bushnell’ produced a unique product that would provide leisure time to teens and youngsters for several decades. He introduced the first ever home video game that children could play with inside their homes.

After this, Atari game came into existence and it achieved great popularity as the game he invented was very interesting. The game basically involved two opposing paddles trying to hit a ball. It was highly addictive for video game lovers and remained popular in the market for years.

Before Atari, The Magnavox Odyssey video games were on the rolls. In 1966, Ralph Baer created a video game that consisted of a television screen and hand controls were required to move the figures in the game. Because of the over publicity and popularity of Odyssey’s game, production of Atari games soon ceased off.

Toys During the Late 1970’s

1. Dolls

During the late 1970s, electronic toys found their paths into kid toys dolls and stuffed animals. At that time, “Teddy Ruxpin” was one of the most popular electronic kid toys dolls. Ruxpin was an attractive teddy bear-like doll that was around one foot tall and furry. The catch of Ruxpin doll was that, there was a cassette tape which was inserted into the doll’s back and her lips used to move as the cassette tape was played. Even the Buddy doll was highly innovative and came into appeal when it moved and spoke all together.

Then, in that same era, entire kit of dolls with their horses, cats, rabbits, homes and tress came together. These kits were affordable and people used to buy so that in one price they could get something bigger and even more interesting to play with.

2. Action Figures

Action Figures have been the love of the centuries. Amongst the most prominent action figures, there were He-Man, ThunderCats, Spider Man and so on. These action figures were available on all toys stores as soon as they were introduced. Moreover, their demand remained high all through the decades. For baby boys, action figures were an idol and children used to play and act using these for long hours.

3. Cars and Electronics

Toy Cars and Electronics have had been the all-time favorite of both baby boys and girls. Since kids like mobility, they love to see and play with toys that possess some move. Kids Toy Cars were known to be very useful for children because they used to learn driving which led to increase in their passion for electric ride on toys. Moreover, the electronic games and toys were counted as to be highly constructive since they require thinking and creative skills to form up the entire toy.

Since several decades, children have loved electric ride-on toys, be it cars, bikes or skates. These are special for any baby of age between 6-10 years and you can gift him/her as many toy cars as you wish to. He would love to have a collection of it for sure.

4. Remote-Controlled Toy Cars

These are innovated in the late 1970s to add more fun and excitement in a child’s life. Undoubtedly, remote-control cars have been adored by children of all age groups. These were shiny with led lights and could be controlled by remote.

Eventually, the toy makers created boats and airplanes that were available with remotes. Gradually, these remote-controlled toys continued to improve all over the world. Moreover, as they became even more technologically advanced, their demands increased and so were their sales.

Today, you may find a wide variety of remote-controlled cars that are expensive and are complicated to use. Cars of the late ’70s were easy to use and affordable.

These toys are also popular among hobbyists and adults who can afford to spend a few extra dollars on the more expensive models for fun and excitement. There have been cars for competitors and racers. So remote-controlled cars can always be an exciting option to keep children happy and content.

Hence, above mentioned products were amongst the most construction toy sets of past decades and have been in demand to date. This is because of the fact, that little children still love attractive lights, motion, adventure and something could keep them engaged for hours. These toys have been loved by them since so far without any doubt you can check-out these toys even today.

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