Construction Toys: More Interesting Than the Box They Came In

construction toys

Nothing can be more disheartening to a parent than to see a much-begged-for toy in a corner and the children playing with the box it came in. Sure, it’s great to see them be creative with a cardboard container, but what about all that pleading that this was the one toy they couldn’t live without?

Out of all the toys in the world, building block sets have to be some of the longest lived. This is because construction toys by their very nature are flexible and dynamic; increasing the time the child spends with them by keeping them fresh in their mind for daily play. Every generation of kids understands how blocks work.

Kids building kits are highly recommended for creative play that can give children practice in focusing and planning, while also giving them a sense of accomplishment in the end. Then they can be noisy and knock the whole thing down to start over! Building block sets like Laser Pegs can be used and reconfigured in endless ways. The child doesn’t have to stick to what is shown on the box or in a manual; he or she can come up with something entirely different using the same pieces.

One-dimensional toys that only do a single thing become boring and land in the bottom of the toy bin very quickly. While children will do some things repetitively until they feel they have mastered it, like walking up and down stairs, most of their play time is spent recreating the world around them. And this takes multiple use toys. Things that can be re-imagined time and time again.

Some kids building kits can turn out to be one-trick ponies. You should look at any toy, even one labeled educational, and try to imagine how many ways it could be put together or used. If you look at a kit and it appears that the parts go together permanently, be aware that once the project is complete the child may lose interest in the finished object.  There may be pride and a sense of accomplishment, but in order to do it again another toy will be required.

Construction toys have a broad appeal and are very gender neutral. Every child needs the experience of putting pieces together, learning about shape, balance  and color. Blocks lend themselves to building whatever a child is most interested in. Kids building kits can be used to create structures, animals, borders, and more. Kids are given three dimensions to work in. All they need to do is learn how the pieces will fit together and what configurations will stand.

Will the building block sets get scattered and ignored Christmas Day? Probably, as the flashier fad toys are carried around, shown off, and talked about. This may even hold true for up to a week. But you know what? If you watch, you will see that after a while those construction toys begin to make an appearance, to be used in conjunction with those one dimensional toys. They are bridge builders, if you will, helping other, now less entertaining toys have a bit more time in the spotlight.

By the way, don’t worry if the kids are playing with the box. Chances are high that it is being used as a platform for that great new building blocks set.

What are some of your favorite childhood memories of Christmas morning? We hope you had just as much fun then as your children will when they unwrap those gifts. Here at Laser Pegs we are all about fun. It’s a good thing we always have plenty of toys around!