Create Fun Holiday Decorations With Light Up Laser Pegs

holiday decor

Light up your home this holiday season with festive Laser Pegs decorations.

The day after Thanksgiving is widely regarded as the unofficial day to start decorating for the holidays. Once the turkey leftovers have been secured in the fridge, the sweet potatoes have all been eaten, and your family has come out of its post-dinner food coma, the realization that the holidays are only a few weeks away starts to set in and our mind’s automatically switch into decorating mode.

However, rather than run out on Black Friday to find the hottest deals on holiday decorations, why not use the fun, festive lights that you already own to create some bright holiday decorations in your home? Creating unique holiday figurations out of Laser Pegs not only helps your whole family get into the holiday spirit through decorating, but also is a completely unique way to dress up your home for the holidays in a fun, creative fashion.

Plus, with all of the different colors and building possibilities that Laser Pegs have, it makes them the perfect decoration for an holiday, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or any combination of other holidays and festive festivals!

To help you get started with the holiday spirit a little early this year, here are a few ideas for some festive light up decorations that you can create with your Laser Pegs:

1. Christmas Tree: One of the most well known images of the holiday season is the Christmas tree. Collect all of your different green Laser Pegs to come up with your ideal Christmas tree, and then choose a few of your favorite colors to add as bulbs, decorations or tinsel. You can even create your own Laser Pegs star to add as a delightful tree topper. One thing is for sure, this Christmas tree will outshine all of the others!

2. Snowflake: The great thing about snowflakes is that no two are alike in every single way. Therefore, create a snowflake that is completely unique to you by combining different colors and shapes with you Laser Pegs. You could even hang your finished snowflake in your window to light up the winter sky outside until the real snow starts to fall.

3. Candy Cane: One of the most delicious symbols of the holiday season is the candy cane. To create a light up version at home, simply grab a nice mix of your favorite color Laser Pegs. You could stick to the classic red striped candy cane as you often see in classic holiday tales, or even create a rainbow candy cane to really add some color to your decor. However, just make sure you don’t eat this tasty light up treat, no matter how good it looks!

4. Light Up Menorah: Instead of choosing some classic candles to light up your menorah this year, create your own unique menorah with lights from Laser Pegs! You can use the classic blue that fits with the holiday decor, or add a combination of different colors that are completely unique to your creation!

If you create any specialty holiday decorations with your Laser Pegs, make sure to share a picture with us on our Laser Pegs Facebook or Twitter page! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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