Why Doesn’t Laser Pegs Include Manuals With Their Toy Kits?

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Laser Pegs is taking big steps towards becoming more eco-friendly, even in our packaging!

Many children and parents around the country love playing with our large line of Laser Pegs light-up toys. From each unique kit, not only are you able to build our signature creations such as the Dragon, the Helicopter, the Butterfly and the Spaceship, but you are also able to create an endless amount of custom creations that come straight from your own imagination!

Not only can you create custom designs, but every single one of our light-up Laser Pegs kits also come with the opportunity to build tons of other unique creations right from the pegs in your initial kit. For instance, there are 57 different models and creations that can be made out of the Dragon kit alone, including a galactic guardian, air boat, wolf, ATV, WWII biplane and so much more. All of these creations are listed in our multi-page Laser Pegs manuals that are downloadable on our website and are unique to each and every light kit that you buy!

However, many people who purchase our Laser Pegs kits often notice that these manuals are not actually included in the box when you purchase them and email us asking why. The decision to feature our Laser Pegs manuals online instead of included in the actual kits was a simple one―it is a huge step towards becoming much more eco-friendly for our company and everyone purchasing our toys!

As we mentioned above, some of our Laser Pegs kits come with as many as 57 different models that can be made from one single box of pegs. This means that the manual includes 57 different sets of step-by-step instructions to help you recreate these different models seamlessly at home. While we are thrilled to be offering this mass amount of creations for each child to recreate on their own, printing out each of these manuals  is 51 pages of paper for each kit that we sell―that’s a huge amount of paper!

Therefore, by letting our customers download and view the manuals on their laptop, iPad or mobile device, we are saving a vast amount of paper and making a huge step forward in our efforts to be more eco-friendly. Having digital downloads of our Laser Pegs manuals also helps to benefit our customers too, as viewing these manuals off of your personal online devices saves you the trouble of keeping track of a large pamphlet of information and helps you take your own strides towards saving paper and becoming more eco-friendly at home!

While we would love for all of our customers to follow in our steps and view their manuals on their own personal digital devices, we understand that some people still prefer to view their instructions in person. Therefore, by offering the opportunity to download and print out Laser Pegs manuals, our consumers still have the choice whether or not they want to print the manuals instead of just reading off of the PDF’s. Even better, they can even choose to print the individual pages of the models they would like to build instead of having to sort through an entire 51 page packet!

We here at Laser Pegs are very proud of our efforts to become more eco-friendly in our daily practices and we are thankful that our customers are behind us the entire way! For more questions about our downloadable Laser Pegs manuals or to find out more about our efforts towards becoming a more eco-friendly company, contact Laser Pegs today!

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