Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Pegs, Parts, Powerbases, Sets and Kits

Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes, we do offer quantity discounts however you must qualify to become a reseller of the Laser Peg brand and must adhere to our MAP pricing policy.

Yes, we do offer quantity discounts however you must qualify to become a reseller of the Laser Peg brand and must adhere to our MAP pricing policy.

Yes, however we strongly recommend you use our exclusive toy rep groups to purchase the Laser Pegs® wholesale. They know from reselling the brand continually what it takes to optimize the best sell through in your store!

Please email and we will direct you with the right toy rep group within your territory. Our toy reps strive to help you obtain the fastest shelf velocity on the planet!

Laser Pegs® works with 13 of the top toy rep groups in the country. You can email and we can direct which toy group in your area has exclusive rights to resell the line. If you are outside of the USA we are continually looking for the right partners to work with. Please email us and we will send you our requirement sheet to see if you qualify becoming an exclusive distributor in your country.

We offer an unprecedented 90-day guarantee on parts and power bases of the Laser Pegs®. We strive to learn and improve our manufacturing process. Just email us any issues you have and we will take care of them right away! Our number one goal is to make certain the end users have an unforgettable ultimate toy EXPERIENCE with the Laser Pegs® brand!

Laser Pegs® are ultrasonically welded together. They are not glued at all! When you Ultrasonically weld plastic the plastic needs to be perfectly aligned with the adjoining piece and if it is not perfect the ultrasonic weld could be faulty! Just email and we may ask for pictures of the defective part however we will replace the part for free. We need your address and the stated shape that is defective and our job is to make you happy and get you back to building with the Laser Pegs®!

No. Contact us and we will solve any issues faster than a store would. If you seek a refund we just need a copy of your receipt and we will take care of the issues. If you have a defective part we will replace it for free! We offer a 90-day guarantee on all kits. Make sure you have a receipt!

No. If our certified resellers do not adhere to our MAP pricing policies we will either buy back the inventory they have in stock or ask them to remove the item from their website. If those resellers do not comply with we will not sell them with anymore of our product.
We strive to build a long-term brand and cannot allow discounters online with very low overhead to compete with our retailers with much higher overhead. Our goal is to continually make new exciting kits for kids and adults to build and learn. It is very hard to do without proper policies in place from our certified resellers!

Laser Pegs® can be sold on eBay, however our certified resellers have to adhere to MAP pricing. If they discount the items on eBay Laser Pegs® main office will contact the reseller and ask them to remove the items.
Alternatively if someone lists the items after they played with it consider bidding because the Laser Pegs® are a great toy that will last for many years!

Please email or check to see if you are using case sensitive letters in the code.

If we run promotions we will email you the code through our advertisements. Please register for our newsletter and don not miss out on our special promotions and new Laser Pegs® kit releases!

Please visit our store locator on our website. We try to keep this database as current as possible however we do not update it everyday and we continually add new resellers everyday. Alternatively you can call or email us for a location near you.

Yes. You can call in your order at 941-371-0909, send an email to or mail a cashiers check to our headquarters. We sell all over the world and maybe can put you in touch with our certified resellers in your area. Those distributors can be viewed on our Foreign distributors link on the website.

Yes. Please act as though you are processing an order online. Calculate the total order, including shipping, and mail a check to: Laser Pegs® Ventures LLC. 8304 Consumer Ct. Sarasota Fl. 34240. If you are unsure of the shipping cost involved, just give us a call and we can figure the total cost.

Laser Pegs Ventures LLC has distributors around the world and we are able to ship to most locations.
To place an order that will be shipping outside of the United States, please contact us by calling 1-866-432-3735 or emailing We will connect you with the distributor nearest to you or provide you with a quote for the shipping & handling costs for processing your order from our main distribution centers in the United States. We do accept major credit cards. There may be additional verification required upon processing your payment.

Typically, we can get your order out within 24-48 hours from receipt of that order.

Laser Pegs® kits do have small parts and are not suggested for children under the age of 3. However, Laser Pegs® are fun and safe for everyone ages 3 – 99!

Laser Pegs® regularly tests its products to maintain compliancy and ensure product safety for children.

Laser Pegs® draw very low current and do not output enough voltage to shock children or adults, whether you use batteries or our AC adaptor (recommended and sold separately).

Laser Peg pieces don’t belong in a landfill – We want them back! All pieces of Laser Pegs® are 100% recyclable. We will gather them up and send them to our factory, to be dismantled and reused. Send your Laser Pegs® back to us and we will replace them, piece for piece.
Unusable pieces can be sent to 8304 Consumer Court, Sarasota FL 34240. Just be sure you include a return address and contact information to get your replacements.

Yes. Each Laser Peg is color coded on the circuit board inside each shape. There is NO LED in The 90-degree peg.

When only the reds and yellows illuminate that means the batteries are very weak and need to be changed. The red and yellow LED’s are the easiest to illuminate that is why they are the only ones lit up when the batteries are almost completely out of energy. Laser Pegs® are best used with an AC Adapter 4.5 volt sold separately.

The Laser Pegs® will be brighter and last longer by using an AC Adapter.
The product will absolutely be more enjoyable to use and kids can build for hours on end not using batteries which are not good for the environment. Also Batteries are expensive! Buying an AC Adapter will save you money instantly and make the product much more fun all the time. You can use a 4.5-volt adapter or even a 5-volt adapter with the power base. You can use up to 80 pegs on our triangle power base and up to 200 pegs on our 3D Lite Board power base when using an AC Adapter.
Remember to remove the batteries from your power base before using the AC Adapter.

To put batteries in the 3D Lite Board, locate the battery chamber near the red power button. Remove screw. Place three AA batteries in the correct position as displayed inside the 3D Lite Board. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries. Non-rechargeable batteries are not to be recharged.

To put batteries in the Triangle Power Base locate the three screws on the back of the base and unscrew them. Place a AA battery in each of the three chambers in the correct position as displayed. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries. Non-rechargeable batteries are not to be recharged.

The 90-degree shape cannot fit an LED light inside therefore the 90-degree shapes do not light up, but are essential to constructing most models.
If you have other shapes that do not light up, it could be because the peg that it is plugged into has a fault inside, or that individual peg has shorted out. To determine which peg is not feeding the current, test each side of each peg individually. You can call or email us and we will replace defective pegs. Send in defective pieces to be recycled.

Instruction Manuals are available for download here. They are also available for download on our Instructions and Manuals Page, here, on each individual product kit page within

We apologize if your kit is missing pieces. Just contact us at and we’ll replace those missing pieces for you.

Laser Pegs® stands behind all of our products. If you have any product that is defective, we will replace it for free; we just ask that you send us in your defective part. Please email us at with any issues.

Please be sure you have high quality, new batteries. Get a good look at the connections and be sure that all of the positive ends of the batteries are touching their respective positive receivers. If they are not, you can use a little piece of folded tin foil between the battery and positive receiver as a fix. You just have to make the connection happen. If this still does not work for you, let us know with a phone call or email and we can replace it for you. Send in the defective base to be recycled.

As the battery power weakens, the current will slowly fail and some Laser Pegs® will illuminate (typically reds and yellows) and some won’t. When the Laser Pegs® dim they are likely not broken, they just need stronger batteries or an AC Adapter. Be sure to remove batteries before using the AC Adapter.
With electrical toys and the nature of all the parts inside of each peg, there can be errors in production or things come loose in shipping. Test the peg on all sides and if it does not stay lit, you may have a defective peg. Just contact and we can send a replacement.

The Laser Pegs® draw very little current, however one peg draws a certain amount of energy and two pegs draw nearly double! It is important to note that the battery life is entirely dependent on how many Laser Pegs® you have connected to the power base at one time. We strongly suggest buying a Laser Pegs AC Adapter from our website The AC Adapter allows for the Laser Pegs® to be very bright all the time managing the low voltage current perfectly! Batteries may give you undesired results depending on how many Laser Pegs® are connected to the power base. It is just the nature of the product – not a defect!

Each peg hole on the 3D Lite Board lid has a small metal pin inside. At no time should that metal pin touch the outer metal ring in the peg hole. If your lite board fails to light up, it could because one of those pins is bent and touching the side ring. Inspect your lid carefully. If you find the bent pin, simply push the pin back towards the center so it does not touch the outer ring, as this causes a short.
Also, the AC Adapter should be plugged into the hole on the side of the lite board lid near the red power button. If you accidentally plug this into one of the peg holes on top of the lid, you could short out your lid.