Fastest Growing Toy Brands

As your baby grows older, giving him or her gifts such as building toys, mainly educational is very important. Children between ages of 2 to 6, also known as toddlers need building toys and games that could help them to learn new things.

Some of these skills are, color, alphabet and number recognition, language, creativity, and cognitive skills. Also, building toys that help in building social and emotional behavior are perfect as well. Below is the list of five most popular educational toys. The below descriptions will help you decide what to purchase for your children:

Tupperware Shape O Ball Toy

These classic unique kid toys have been in demand for quite a long time, educating little kiddies on how to recognize the shapes. Not only do these toys teach about shapes but also teach diverse colors. From infants to preschoolers, children learn to develop coordination and dexterity.

Leap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table- for 3 years children 

The Leap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table provide children of age 3 years plenty of opportunities for musical entertainment. These tables are designed to stimulate children’s senses while teaching those numbers, letters and vibrant colors. These toys offer several hours of learning and fun. Also, the Leap Frog includes settings on the musical table that teaches older kids opposites such as high or low and up or down.

Fisher Price, My First Doll House or Little People Railroad

As per your child’s gender, you can determine which one of these unique kid toys you choose for your adorable angel. Offering kids unending imaginative activities, this super wonderful toy would inspire social interaction and sharing emotions. Also, the Little People toys will be perfect for small hands that will further enhance fine motor skills.

Crayola Writing Products

Crayola offers various products that are good at enhancing your child’s motor and creative skills. Since old times, drawing, painting, and coloring enable children to explore their imagination. Crayola, the famous brand, offers parents reliable and washable products that do not cause stains. To date, Crayola is one of the most trusted brands on the market.

Play Doh

The expression on children’s face when they squish Play Doh in between their fingers for the very first time is amazingly priceless. It helps in developing motor skills in children and brings out their artistic side. Play Doh is highly safe to use and can be easily washed. These unique kid toys will be enjoyed by the young and old alike.

Regardless of what toy you select, be assured that the above described educational toys will be offering huge learning opportunities for your adorable children. By clubbing learning with fun, you will actually be instilling love for school in your children’s mind.

Fastest Grown Toy Brands Ever- Retro theme

Lego, popular since 1940s, has been the most sought after toy brand. The ten most loved toys during that decade were introduced by Lego.

Continuing the retro theme, Meccano, a model toy construction kit that most of our grandparents would remember, was one of the fastest growing toy brands in November, with their Meccano Robot as its fastest growing products.

The most successful toy brands have re-invented and introduced their toys by integrating even more advance technology. Best examples of this are Lego, that is now a popular video games publisher and Meccano that has integrated the latest WiFi Internet technology into its numerous products.

Following its success, Nintendo has also won the battle of the consoles this Christmas. The Wii and DS Lite were one of the two most searched-out games in the UK during November last year.

In addition to this, Nintendo’s Wii Fit was one of the most sought-after video games in November last year.

Other latest unique kid toys brands, you may consider:

Erector Sets

Erector building toys are amongst the most extremely fascinating toy sets for kids. These help mechanically minded children. In such toy sets, pieces of metal are clubbed with metal nuts and bolts. These exciting erector metal sets are available to build almost anything imaginable! For starters, ages 5 and up, erector sets are the perfect toys for building for children. 

Brio Activity Building Set

The Brio building toys are simply the most appropriate toys for ages 3 and up. These kids toy sets contain laying of sets on one another. So, these are best suited for mechanically minded kids! These brio activity building sets contain seventy pieces that are in diverse wooden planks and blocks.

Kapla Stacks Set

These fantastic Kapla construction toy sets are the simplest toys amongst all others. These contain flat planks of wood, and are available in varied shapes and sizes. However, these pieces can be tied and stacked in diverse ways. Children can bring out their creativity; build a number of structures with these toy sets. With these, kids will also learn about balancing and architecture.

K’Nex Construction Set Tub

K’Nex sets are basically carved out of rods and connection pieces. With such unique building sets, little children build creatures, robots that exist in their imaginations only. Moreover, children can play without conditions with these toy sets in the tubs filled with pieces and involved in everlasting fun.

Magz Magnetic Construction Sets

Magz Magnetic Construction Sets, are one of the most demanded toys as these contain magnets to hold pieces together. These construction toy sets are widely supplied and for little children, these are a sure way of entertainment and learning. In Magz construction sets, imaginations can run free!


Legos, the most popular brand has always been the favorite of children. These construction sets are used to create various new structures – from small to big vehicles, buildings to robots etc. Laser Pegs, the world’s only patented lighted construction sets can be used with Legos: they make Lego light up!

Duplo Block Tubs

Duplos are same as Legos but are bigger in size and therefore are safer for children under 3 years of age. These alluring construction sets basically focus at strengthening motor skills in children who do not like craft activities.

Hence, the above mentioned toy brands and sets are amongst the most popular ones and these can actually help you make your toy shopping more meaningful.

Points to consider while shopping for children:

  • Make sure that the kids building kit is available with a manual that contains instructions to build the sets.
  • Make sure that the building sets are light in weight and easy to play with.
  • Make sure that the kids building kit is appropriate, as per children’s age.
  • Make sure that the building sets do not have any sharp ends or bolts.

Kids are little and innocent. They are unaware of what is right and what is wrong for them. Only you, as parents can bring building toys that could help them grow their creative, imaginative, mechanical and other skills. is one of the most popular construction toy and games manufacturer and supplier. So head to the Laser Pegs website and have a great shopping experience with this online toy store!