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modeling_iconFREE Laser Pegs® App

With the Laser Pegs game app you can build your own Laser Pegs® models, create instruction manuals, color in 3D and share with your friends with the new Laser Pegs® App 2.0. From new creator to advanced builder, this app is fun and easy to use for kids and adults of all ages. Build anything you can imagine and dream.

Laser Pegs® are unique toys that teach kids creative abstract thinking, problem solving, math skills, pattern recognition and improved hand/eye coordination. This is a virtual construction app of Laser Pegs® for children of all ages. Build Laser Pegs® models in 3D, create and share manuals, play games and more.

The national award winning Laser Pegs® is the first construction toy set ever in which once one peg is connected to a power source, then illuminates any other peg it is connected with. You can design and build anything you want with Laser Pegs®.

Download iPad Version

3D Modeling

  • 81 Laser Pegs® Pieces
  • Easy Navigation
  • Rotate in 3 Directions
  • Laser Pegs® and Construction Parts
  • Easy Snapping Model


  • Breakdown Your Model into Steps
  • Write Descriptions
  • Add Backgrounds
  • Light Up Your Model
  • Share With Your Friends

3D Coloring Book

  • Breakdown Your Model into Steps
  • Write Descriptions
  • Add Backgrounds
  • Light Up Your Model
  • Share With Your Friends

Available for the iPad

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3D Coloring Book

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Laser Pegs App

Create Manuals

Make Instructions for Your Own Models

This tool allows you to make an instruction manual for the models you have created in the app. Break down how to build your creation step by step. Show images and write descriptions of your model as you build.

Laser Pegs App

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Build From a Library of Manuals

The Manuals section of the app comes with many pre-loaded instruction manuals to build from. Use this library of manuals to build with real Laser Pegs® Kits, or try to build them in the Modeling section of the app. Send any of your manuals straight from the app to Facebook or the Laser Pegs® design team, or share a snap shot of your creation with the Camera tool. You can add light to your models or insert a background from your photos and rotate around your model to get the perfect shot.

Share Your Creations

Create PDF Manuals

Your exported manual automatically saves in the My Manuals Section.

Submit to Laser Pegs®

Send your manual to Laser Pegs® to share with our design team.

Share Your Creations with Friends

Share with your friends straight from the app.

Email Manuals

Email a PDF of your manual to yourself straight from the app.


Your Own Custom Laser Pegs® Kit

When you order from the Laser Pegs® app, you are getting a custom kit that you create yourself. Build your creations in real life, use your model as a Night Light or take it down and build something new! Buy your favorite pegs or make a mixed set of Number Blocks, Letter Blocks, construction pieces and Laser Pegs® shapes.

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Buy Individual Pegs

You can change the quantity of your parts or see the estimated cost of your model from the Shopping Cart. The app gives you an easy way to buy individual pegs from home.

Numbers & letter Blocks

Make Learning Fun in 3D

Looking for a fun way to teach spelling or math? The new Laser Pegs® Letter Blocks and Number Blocks included in the app are a great way to combine play with education. Combine and stack the blocks any way you can to make words and equations. The Number Blocks include the symbols for basic arithmetic.

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