Great Gifts for 5-Year-Olds

Does your child love his or her toy more than anything else? Well, we have some very great options that could make your child fall in love with the toys even more!

Believe it or not, all children are the same. Sure they all have their unique choices in style, their own demeanor, differences in attitude, but all children follow similar patterns to development. Little baby boys have typically been brought up with toys that are bold and fearing like guns, bats, cars, dragons, and action figures to name a few. And those little baby girls are typically given fancy dolls, kitchen sets and dressing toys. While either sex of child can enjoy the toys just listed we think a great toy can appeal to any child, boy or girl. We’ve marked out some suggestions for great gifts for 5-year-olds.

So how about gifting some fascinating toys to your kids? What can be the options? Following are called as the most popular kids music toys:

  • Musical Cars
  • Guitar Toys
  • Musical Dolls
  • Talking Bird Toys
  • Constructive Toys

Yes, we can surely use these as a perfect option to please our adorable kids.

Since it is a phrase that music is the medicine for happiness and music helps in growing mind and thoughts very rapidly. Music is always attractive and when the young, and old alike, get driven towards music then those little kids who have not even recognized their environment would love to hear amusing sounds from their toys.

For them, musical toys would be something new and exciting and that will add more fun to their life. If you find your little baby is in a bad mood and nothing seems to appease them, then you can just give them their toy so that your child comes back to their sweet, playful mood just by hearing the sounds of the toy.

If you are just not able to think of anything as a birthday gift for your 5-year-old baby boy or girl then musical toys is a great option.

What all you can do is, just gather a couple of little guests at your place on your kid’s birthday and let them play with that toy in front of all other kids. No surprise, but all the kids would surely enjoy and cherish the kids toy party always. Especially if there are musical toys around, all the children together can make fun with noise!

Besides these, there are constructive toys that require brain but instead if indulging your kids in something very tedious, you should gift them something that is entertaining and educational and brings a smile to their cute faces.

If you are unaware of which store to buy from then you can visit a variety of stores online and can have a broader idea about musical toys for both girls and boys. You will even get a long list of musical toys and you can just decide which one is best suited for baby. Choice is completely yours, if you think your child would love to play with construction toys then you can see a variety of those toys and select any one through the web page itself.

One of the biggest kids store online where you get toys that make noise! Along with ample styles, designs and manuals is They have a set of Sound Cubes with 6 exciting noises to add to your child’s lighted models. Now the work is not tough for you as you get detailed information about the toy from its manufacturing date to its warranty and the payment options. So the best toy for your child is at your doorstep, just a visit away!

Interactive Books is another very good option to gift your child a toy, which is a perfect combination of education and entertainment. Reading the musical book along with your baby will create a closeness and you also feel that your child is learning something while playing.

Other musical toys like drums, guitars, and piano can also play a great role as they add sense to your child’s brain about the melodies and pitch of the instrument. They get to learn varied sounds while playing.

Great things to keep in mind while toy shopping are:

  • Research Your Options – Don’t just settle on the first toy store. See what’s out there!
  • Keep Your Pocket in Mind – Have an idea of what budget you want to use and stay under that number to reduce unwanted stress later.
  • Do a Safety Check – Before purchasing in the store, inspect the toy for sharp edges or small pieces. If purchased online, be sure you check the toy’s safety before giving it to your child.

Also remember to encourage active play! Now what do we mean by active play?

We all agree that kids want to be on the move. Before they can crawl and walk we can see the desire is there. So remember that while shopping for something for your child you are allowing them to become more mobile, developing their creativity and nurturing their growth. Consider what could be the best active play as your child is just 5 years young.

So keep all the above-mentioned points in mind while shopping and bring the best buddy home! After all, your child deserves that fun which only you, being a parent can bring out in his early life.