How To Choose Toys That Are Appropriate For Your Children

These important factors will help you choose the best toys for your kids.

While toys can provide hours of fun and entertainment for your children, shopping for the perfect toy is very serious business. If the toy you pick out is too simple, it will not be enjoyable for your child after just a couple of play sessions. However, if it is too sophisticated, your child may become frustrated quickly and the toy may end up being discarded after a few uses.

As you can see, choosing the perfect toy may be a little more complicated than you may have originally thought. An ideal toy requires that it is not only enticing and entertaining for your child, but is also age appropriate and provides your child with the opportunity to grow while playing. After all, every toy that you buy is an investment in your child’s development. Therefore, make sure you are choosing a toy that simulates the mind during play and grows with them through their various stages of development.

To help you get a better idea of how you can choose a toy that is appropriate and fun for your child, here are just a few important factors that every ideal toy should have:

Stimulates The Senses

Many children, especially babies or young toddlers, love toys that stimulate the senses―sound, touch, sight, etc. This is why so many toys that are targeted at young children are very colorful, make fun noises or feature different textures. However, these toys are not only ideal because they appeal to children. Toys that stimulate the senses also stimulate a child’s mind while they are playing. For example, toys such as Laser Pegs that light up and are visually stimulating  can help to develop eye movement, crawling and gross motor skills.

Furthers Learning

There are a number of different toys that you can purchase for your child can actually help them grow and learn while they play. For instance, sorting toys by different colors and sizes can help a child grow their fine motor skills and can help them develop their shape recognition. Similarly, shape-recognition toys that require children to fit pieces into corresponding shaped holes help them to develop their matching skills and hand-eye coordination.

Satisfies Curiosity

It is no secret that many kids are full of energy and curiosity when they are young. They want to run around explore everything around them. Therefore, you want to make sure you are purchasing toys that satisfies this sense of curiosity. For instance, look for toys what are hands-on and allow children to investigate different outcomes, whether it is through building, matching or role-playing.

Triggers The Imagination

One of the main reasons why kids love to play in the first place is because toys allow their minds to go wild and their imagination to soar. Therefore, give your children toys that are going to challenge them and hold their interest for a long time. Building toys and blocks are a good example of imaginative toys, as they are age appropriate from the age of 18 months to 8 years. That’s a lot of play time and cognitive growth from one toy!

What types of toys does your child love to play with that are not only appropriate, but also provide hours of fun? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below. In the mean time, be sure to check out our Laser Pegs kits. These creative toys are not only simulating to the mind and appropriate for children of many ages, but these light-up toys are also an activity that everyone in the family can take part in!


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