How To Get Your Child Back To School Ready

Summer is a special time of year for children. They have the privilege of staying up as well as sleeping in later than usual, having and going to sleepovers, going camping, swimming, eating tons of ice cream, seeing those action-packed summer movies, and not to mention the best part of all-no school! With so many different things bringing them joy and excitement, it can be easy to see why it’s a struggle for most parents to get their kids ready for school once summer starts coming to an end. If you’re just not sure how to ease your kids back into school mode without lots of whining and hassle, read our simple tips below!

Routine Is Key

The last two to three weeks before summer is over is the best time to effortlessly introduce your kids back in to their school schedule. Start lowering their bedtime by 20 or 30 minutes each week until it’s on schedule with their regular school year bed time. In the same vein, have them start waking up 20 to 30 minutes earlier until it’s synchronized with how it will be during the school year. If they’re old enough, it might be a good idea to teach them to have their clothes picked out the night before so they’ll be even more prepared ahead of time if you or they are running late one particular morning.

Start Preparing Them Educationally

Did you know that all kids, no matter how young or old, go through learning loss if they aren’t involved in educational activities during the summer? Math is the subject which is most affected, with students losing up to two months of grade level equivalency during the summer. It’s important to slowly immerse them back into the world of education. Workbooks and activities work well, but don’t be fooled- learning can be fun, too! There are a wealth of educational toys for children that will help them in gaining their knowledge back. Some examples include construction play sets, puzzles, peg toys, maps, flash cards, and a variety of electronic gadgets out there to encourage you and your child.

Make A Budget For Back to School Supplies

With back-to-school supply lists, clothes, and shoes parents can easily spend hundreds of dollars getting their kids back on track. There’s pencils, pens, notebooks, binders, highlighters, glue, colored pencils, crayons, scissors, and much, much more to get! If you save a few dollars here and there throughout the summer, however, it can become easier to get all your shopping done without breaking the bank. Don’t forget the things that are essential to your kids, such as the coolest backpacks, and clothes.

Summer is such a wonderful time for kids, and it may be a struggle trying to get them excited to start a new year. But following these fitting tips will make the situation that much easier. To learn more, visit the Laser Pegs website today.