Manuals and Instructions for all Laser Pegs Kits

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Attack Helicopter 30 models kit ZD002_ZippyDo MPS Aircraft Series 4 models in 1 Kit by Laser Pegs. MPS300B Cars builds 4 models in 1 Kit by Laser Pegs
Build the light up Attack Helicopter and 3 more light up models: T1 Super Cobra, Rescue Helicopter, Cargo Helicopter ZD110B_Monster_Truck ZD120B_Tractor ZD130B Dragster 6 in 1 models kit by Laser Pegs
Fly in style with this deluxe 6 in 1 Plane kit from Laser Pegs G9000B Mini Indy Racer builds 6 Models in 1 Kit by Laser Pegs Explore the land and skies with this exciting 8 in 1 Helicopter kit from Laser Pegs Build the light up Fighter Bomber and 7 more light up models like the Coo Coo Bird, Flying Goose and the Monarch Butterfly
NG300 Dinosaurs National Geographic Models Kit by Laser Pegs NG500 National Geographic Landmarks and Archaeology 30 in 1 Models Kit by Laser Pegs NG400 National Geographic Space 24 in 1 Models kit by Laser Pegs NG200 National Geographic Animals 12 in 1 Models Kit by Laser Pegs
NG100 National Geographic Oceans 6 in 1 Models Kit by Laser Pegs RN1330B_Tank_Runner RN1320A_Car_Runner PB1430B_Truck
PB1410B_SportsCar PB1420B_Bulldozer G870B_IndyCar G1700B_Spider
G1670B_Cargo_Plane G9030B Space Fighter Sci-Fi 16 in 1 Models Kits by Laser Pegs If you’re looking for the ultimate value in Laser Pegs, the 57 in 1 Dragon kit is your answer Illuminate your child’s education with light up learning using this Educational Series kit from Laser Pegs






Laser Pegs manuals on this page allow you to build and create thousands of models… We have streamlined the process to make it easier than ever for you to build your new Laser Pegs creation with our manuals! Simply flick through the sliders, look for your box or main model, click the image, a new tab will open with all the Laser Pegs Manuals and Laser Pegs instructions for that specific kit. We’ll even have some that our fans have submitted through our Laser Pegs Model Builder App!

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