Introducing Laser Pegs New NFL-Endorsed Laser Light Toys

Play like your favorite football players with these NFL Laser Pegs toys.

As kids, we often have a number of different heroes and role models that we look up to. Whether it is your favorite musician or TV star, an all-star athlete on your favorite sports team, or even the president of the United States, role models are a great inspiration for kids of all ages. In fact, it is with these role models in mind that many girls and boys often choose what they want to be when they grow up or what their dream job would be. They work hard and train to be just like their favorite stars!

With this idea in mind, Laser Pegs has come up with a line of Laser Light toys just for kids who dream of one day becoming a professional athlete. For future baseball players, we created the much-loved MLB Laser Light toys, and now, for football fans, we are happy to introduce our brand new NFL-endorsed toys!

For excited football fans across the country, training to be like your favorite professional athlete has never been easier than with Laser Pegs NFL-endorsed light toys for Rush Zone―an online community run by the NFL and made for kids aged 6-13. These three specially designed Laser Pegs light kits will be a hit for any sports fan, and even allows you to recreate some of your favorite football positions with your Laser Pegs toy, such as running back, quarterback and receiver.

Plus, as with all of our Laser Pegs toys and kits, they provide hours of light-up fun and entertainment right from your very own living room.

A child knows when they have successfully completed an action with their Laser Pegs toys because the lights will come on in their creation once they are connected. This means that you can also play in the dark or create a magical light up football figurine for your nightstand! Plus, while completing a Laser Pegs kit is fun and vibrant, it can also build confidence and motivate continued progress towards building up hand-eye coordination.

Another exciting aspect of our partnership with NFL Rush Zone are the awesome NFL team decals that come included in every single NFL Laser Pegs kit. With all 32 teams represented, you can customize each of your Laser Pegs NFL creations to look like your favorite football team!

Some of the different creations you can make with each NFL light kit include:

  • The Blimp
  • The Bench Press
  • The One-Handed Catch
  • The Strong Side Linebacker
  • The Team Captain and Flag
  • The 4-3-40
  • The Fumble
  • The First Down

To learn more about our new partnership with the NFL for these exciting Laser Pegs kits, be sure to visit our shop page and our Facebook page for photos! Also be sure to let us know which Laser Pegs NFL creation is your favorite in the comments below.

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