Laser Pegs a Muse for Sarasota Artist

Frank Colson isn’t just an artist; he’s an artist “inventor” as he likes to call himself. “Often, I don’t know what I am looking for until I find it,” he says. It seems as though he has found it with Laser Pegs.

Colson found Laser Pegs on the cover of Edmund Scientifics Catalog, a tech publication he referenced for a book he was writing about materials NASA was developing. Intrigued by what he saw – much like his younger counter parts – he had to get a hands-on experience.

As if in a moment of epiphany, which Colson likes to call ‘creative inertia,’ the application of Laser Pegs was obvious: art! He used his skills as a sculptor to discover the ‘essence’ of the toy, and as he would with clay, metal, or fabric began building forms of his own from these lighted pegs. And in doing so saw the many possibilities with the pegs in the range of light emission, colors, brightness and darkness. “It was like a painter being handed a pallet of colors in a different form than ever seen before!” exclaims Colson.

With play and experimentation, Colson quickly found himself innovating and inventing new ways to express himself with the pegs. He is moving in a direction of representing emotions and portraying life forms. As his efforts move on from abstract he offers up “Luminescent Sea Anemones I” and “Luminescent Sea Anemones II.”

Colson is excited about bringing on other compatible light fixtures with the Laser Pegs and has already included Laser Laces into the mix, as represented with “…Anemones.” His hope is to ultimately use Laser Pegs as the base for lighting up to 1,000 fiber-optic strands! We’re excited you’re lighting the world up in a different way with Laser Pegs, Frank Colson, and appreciate that you are “always looking for something which no-one sees.” You’re an inspiration to the young – and young at heart.

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