Laser Pegs And Their Influence On Hand-Eye Coordination

These light up toys can help improve hand-eye coordination in children.

A child’s first few years of live are very important for developing certain skills and reaching certain milestones that they will use every single day for the rest of their lives. For instance, communication and cognitive skills that develop through every day life activities, such as brushing their teeth or playing with their brothers and sisters.

laser pegs develop hand eye coordinationOne particular skill that children develop early on and use in nearly every aspect of their life is hand-eye coordination― the ability of the eyes to guide the hands in particular movements. This fine motor skill develops in a series of different stages, from birth to around 7 years of age. However, it may not come as easily for children who have movement disorders or vision problems.

Unfortunately, children who avoid fine motor activities because they are not good at them will only make the problem worse over time. Instead, the best way to build up hand-eye coordination so that it does not become a lifelong hurdle is to start building better coordination now. Luckily, this can be done through a series of different exercise, such as play activities that focus on building and using your hands.

Laser Pegs are one exciting toy that not only promotes fun and play among children, but also helps to improve hand-eye coordination among kids with developmental disorders.

Why Is Hand -Eye Coordination So Important?

From writing their name to tying their shoelaces, hand-eye coordination is one essential fine motor skill that your child will use throughout their day-to-day lives. Strong hand-eye coordination can not only help a child in sports, art and education, but it also synchronizes their touch, vision, movement and cognition in order to perform a hands-on task successfully.

Can Hand-Eye Coordination Really Be Improved?

While most hand skills are learned and improved upon with basic repetition in day-to-day life, most children can greatly benefit from some coordination-building activities. Especially for children who are slow learners or have developmental disorders, participating in activities or play that encourage hand-eye coordination can greatly improve their skills. One of the best activities for developing good hand-eye coordination is toys or objects that fit together, such as Laser Pegs.

How Can Laser Pegs Improve Hand-Eye Coordination?

The Laser Pegs kits and 3D Light Board can significantly improve hand-eye coordination in a number of different ways:

  • Hand-eye coordination is used to pick up and place each block on the 3D light board, as well as connect all of the many different pieces.
  • The lights in the Laser Pegs provide immediate positive reinforcement for a child’s actions, letting them know when they successfully completed an action by lighting up.
  • Children learn to control their hand strength, since handling Laser Pegs too hard will cause the structure to break, but handling them too light will not connect the pieces or light up the structure.
  • As children continue to build, their reach and arm extension becomes a natural part of play.

For more information on the educational and developmental benefits that come with Laser Pegs, be sure to visit our Education page. Be sure to also visit our Laser Pegs Products page today to see what new exciting kits we have available to help your child learn and play and the same time!