Laser Pegs Are Great Sensory Toys For Children With Autism

Autistic kids may find many benefits through sensory toys such as Laser Pegs.

When it comes to choosing the perfect toy for your child, there are a lot of different factors involved. For parents, these factors often involve safety―can any objects be easily swallowed? Is the age rating of this toy appropriate for my child? For kids, important factors for choosing a toy may be a little different―what kind of lights, sounds and movements does this toy make? Is it just as awesome and fun as all my friends toys?

Laser Pegs educational autism toysEach of these different factors is important for choosing a toy in most cases. However, for parents who have autistic toddlers, many other complicated questions are typically involved when it comes to choosing the perfect toy for your kid. For instance, does the toy offer any educational benefits? Does my child have the skill set to use this toy properly and complete all of the actions that it requires? Is the action of this toy appropriate for my child’s development thus far?

Luckily, in order to make life easier for autistic children and their parts, there are many special needs toys available in this day and age that are not only fun and appropriate for children who are not up to speed with their age’s developmental skills, but also provide many educational benefits that help children better explore their environment and their role in it.

Sensory toys specifically can help to enhance development in autistic children and provide them with the chance to experience a variety of different sensory feedback situations. Many have also been shown to provide relief from stress and enhance a child’s ability to cope when they offer distraction.

Laser Pegs are just one example of a sensory toy that can provide educational and growth benefits for children with autism. The lights and feedback that comes with connecting one of the Laser Pegs pieces to another can provide the sensory input that many kids with autism crave. The visual aspect of these toys can also capture their attention, making the action of connecting the pieces a powerful reinforcer for correct behaviors.

The secure connection of these pieces is also particularly beneficial for children who may have involuntary movements or who may find themselves knocking down typically play structures. The lit pieces snap into place and can stay connected despite sharp movements. Because the Laser Pegs themselves are thick, they are also helpful in aiding easy grasp. Kids can pick up the pieces by simply raking them with their fingers.

The lights in Laser Pegs has also been proven to help children with autism, along with many other light up toys. The lights in these structures provides kids with visual feedback and stimulation to both low vision and sighted children, and reinforce positive movements each time a piece is correctly connected by turning on the piece’s light.

To learn more about the many benefits that Laser Pegs and our 3D Light Board can have for children with autism or developmental disorders, be sure to read our Education page today.

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