Laser Pegs Block Kits Are Revamping The Classic Childs Toy

Our new Laser Pegs Word and ABC Block Kit is a favorite of kids everywhere.

There are many exciting “firsts” throughout a child’s early development: Their first steps, their first word, their first birthday, etc. However, one specific moment in a child’s life that is exciting for parents everywhere is when they begin to craft and form their own sentences for the first time.

It can be difficult to understand what your child wants and needs when they are unable to speak for themselves. In fact, we spend the first few years of our child’s life trying to decipher and break down hand gestures and pointing in order to determine if our child is sick, hungry, needs something, is tired or any number of other things that may affect their mood and happiness. It’s only when they begin to sound out new words, syllables and sentences that  we learn a little bit more about what they want.

If you are looking to take your child’s learning abilities a step further when it comes to speaking  and crafting their own sentences, alphabet and word blocks are a great way to start. These classic children’s toys have been a favorite for parents and kids everywhere for a long time, and for good reason! Not only are letter blocks among the simplest of toys, but they also are among the most beneficial in many ways.

Because alphabet blocks come with no rules and instructions, kids are able to make up their own rules and really explore a new way of play! In fact, the sky is the limit for what kids can do with letter and word blocks.

For instance, open-ended blocks give kids the opportunity to explore their gross motor skills and fine motor skills. This is because, as children pick up and play with small blocks, their small muscles will develop each time they place and position them. Even the smallest of motions, such as stacking blocks, provide benefits like hand-eye coordination and balance.

Letter blocks also allow kids to develop cognitively and intellectually. They will begin to learn and think abstractly about sizes, numbers, orders, shapes, length, pattern and weight as they play and assemble the blocks.

If you are looking for a fun letter block set for your child to play with, look no further than the Laser Pegs Word Block Kit and Letter Block Kit.

Our light-up Word Block Kit features 48 different words for your child to read out loud and combine with other words to make their very own sentences. Plus, with fun family words such as ‘home,’ ‘we,’ and ‘car,’ you can help your child work out plenty of sentences that teach them about words, while also telling enjoyable, interactive stories about your family!

The Laser Pegs ABC Block Kit is also a great way to connect, stack and combine the alphabet. These fun, 12-piece Laser Pegs give you the entire alphabet to form words, and also come with enough Xs and Os to play an illuminated game of tic-tac-toe on our 3D Light Board. Your child can use this great light up kit to learn the basics of letters and practice spelling―perfect for any child looking to get a leg up on their elementary education!


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