Laser Pegs Can Help Children With Special Needs Learn And Develop

This fun toy does more than just entertain for many children!

It is no secret that kids love Laser Pegs. These fun, light up toys offer a unique way to be imaginative and build a custom creation from the ground up, all on your own. Plus, with their one of a kind light up abilities, creating a flying, soaring helicopter or magical, mystical dragon has never been more exciting.

However, we’ve got a secret for parents that may change how you view play time once and for all. In addition to how addicting, fun and exciting our Laser Peg kits can be for kids, they are equally as educational when it comes to your child’s learning and development. Especially for children who have disabilities, these creative toys can help them learn, develop and thrive in a world that may otherwise be somewhat challenging for them to navigate.

According to Abilities United, about 17% of U.S. children aged 18 years and younger suffer from a developmental disability. This sometimes means that certain physical, cognitive and social developments do not come as easy to them as they may to other children. Luckily, there are many exercises and toys that help children with disabilities develop these essential skills in a fun, engaging way. For instance, Laser Pegs have been proven to provide children with disabilities access to the many benefits that play experiences can offer.

If you are looking for a fun toy that helps your child further develop their cognitive, motor and social skills, look no further than Laser Pegs. Here are just a few key skills that these creative, engaging toys can help to develop in children who have a developmental disability:

Fine Motor Skills

Toys that encourage repetition of movements and incorporate both sides of the body working together can significantly improve a child’s fine motor skills. For instance, when your child is building a Laser Pegs kit, they are developing and refining important motor skills, such as the pincer grasp. This can translate into a skill that is necessary for daily living, such as holding a pencil or brushing their teeth. Plus, because our Laser Pegs light up as soon as they are connected, it helps to provide immediate positive reinforcement that will further encourage the repetition of their movements.

Problem Solving

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)recommends that kids between the ages of 3 and 6 be exposed to toys that snap together or encourage you to sort small objects by length, width, color, etc., as these toys help to improve a child’s problem solving skills. In addition, if your child is following along with the instructions to one of our Laser Pegs kits, you are reinforcing these same problem solving skills and encouraging them to follow directions.


Many children who have developmental disabilities often also suffer from poor communication skills. Often times, this is simply because they do not have the proper outlet or tools to express themselves. However, the systematic design of Laser Pegs greatly appeals to children who have poor communication skills. The large light up building set gives them a way to express their creativity and personal preferences in a way that is traditionally difficult for them, while the close proximity of the 3D Light Board provides an essential foundation for interaction with others.

If you are interested in learning more about the many educational benefits that Laser Pegs can have on children with developmental disabilities, be sure to check out our Education Page today. When your child plays with these fun, creative toys, you can not only rest assured that they are enjoying themselves, but that they are also developing their cognitive, motor and social skills in a fun and engaging way. Order one of our Laser Pegs kits today to see for yourself!