Laser Pegs’ De-LIGHT-ful Toys Brighten The 2013 Holiday Season

Laser Pegs Holiday

Make the holidays magical this season with Laser Pegs line of light up toys.

Laser Pegs are a completely unique toy unlike anything else your child has.

This award winning line of construction toys are the first in the WORLD where each light piece feeds the next through low voltage current. A true bright light among all other toys!

Laser Pegs are both fun AND educational toys.

These hands-on play construction sets not only encourage visual feedback and stimulation for children, but they can also help to build confidence in kids, develop and refine a child’s fine motor skills, and help kids express creativity.

Laser Pegs are toys that last long after playtime is over.

Because our Laser Pegs kits are created with the highest quality of LED light, their lights will run for about 100,000 hours. (That’s the equivalent of around 11 years of non-stop play!) Now the lights never have to go out on play time.

One of the highlights of the holiday season, for both parents and kids, is driving along the local roads to take in all of the incredible holiday light displays. There is something magical and awe-inducing about seeing a structure completely lit up from top to bottom with all of the flashing, glowing, blinking colors of the rainbow.

 However, who says that holiday light displays have to be reserved for outdoors? Luckily, with our light up Laser Pegs building sets, including the otherworldly Sci-Fi kit and soaring high Air kit, the delightful lights of the winter season can now bring the bright holiday spirit inside of your home as well.

Whenever a single light up Laser Pegs piece is connected to a power source, the directly connected piece is not the only object that lights up, but any other peg that is connected with it does also. This creates an entire light up structure when enough pieces are joined together at once, whether it be one of our much-loved kit creations such as the Monarch Butterfly in the Air kit, or your own creation built from scratch.

Another element that makes Laser Pegs construction toys so unique and special for kids, apart from the light up features of these different kits, is also the many ways in which they can customize each kit to make it their own. Because each Laser Pegs piece slides perfectly into the next, it allows kids to create limitless designs that light up for hours.

It is these reasons and more which makes Laser Pegs a favorite toy for children of all ages (and even parents who like to join in on the fun with these educational toys.) Plus, with two Tillywig awards under our belt―the 2013 Sterling Fun Award and the 2013 Tillywig Top Fun Award―the fun and excitement that comes along with creating a completely unique and bright Laser Pegs toy structure is no longer a secret!

To give the gift of light up Laser Pegs this holiday season, be sure to check out our Air kit and Sci-Fit kit in our online Laser Pegs shop today, along with a number of other much-loved kits that are favorites for many.