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Laser Pegs(R) Introduces New Kits that Coordinate with other Popular Construction Toy Sets
By: MMD Press Releases
October 10, 2012 (MMD Newswire) — Every household in America with kids probably has a few bins full of colorful, toy building blocks that snap together to form houses, airplanes and anything else a child’s imagination can dream up. Now, that childhood classic has gone high tech. Laser Pegs® is introducing a new line of kits that can be used with the toy building blocks you already own. And, when connected to a Laser Pegs® power source, Laser Peg shapes and blocks illuminate as the brightly colored LED light inside them come to life.While regular building blocks are made of opaque plastic, clear Laser Pegs® bring a whole new dimension of creativity to play. Each Laser Peg kit comes with a variety of Laser Peg Shapes, Stackable Pegs and Construction Bricks. Inside of the Laser Peg Shapes are 3 millimeter LED lights in a variety of colors. When connected to the included Power Base, the Laser Peg Shapes light up and shine through the clear Stackable Pegs and Construction Blocks, making your entire creation.

Laser Pegs® kits can be used to build a variety of models. Each kit comes with instructions to build six or more models and any kit can be used to freely create any design a kid can imagine.

Laser Pegs® are sold exclusively at Target stores nationwide and Laser Pegs® kits start at $19.99. For more information visit

About Laser Pegs®

The national award winning Laser Pegs® is the first unique toy construction set in the world in which each piece feeds the next piece low voltage current. You can design and build any lighted abstract model. Laser Peg® can be used lit up or turned off. Once one Laser Peg is connected to a power source it then illuminates any other peg it is connected with, making this a very creative construction toy set. For more information visit

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