Laser Pegs Holiday Offerings Light Up Faces

Children’s dreams come true during the holidays with Laser Pegs® imagination!

With Christmas on the way, you may be looking for unconventional toys to purchase for your children, nieces, nephews, and friends. It can seem a daunting task to find a perfect gift that is out of the ordinary. At Laser Pegs, you are certain to find toys that will be of great interest to the young ones in your life. The high quality and educational driven functions of these product will help you feel confident in providing children with gifts that bring enjoyment and sustenance.

Look at the list of toys below to give you some unique gift ideas for this year.

Ages 3+

Zippy Do– your child can build three different designs: helicopter, jet, and car. With 22 different colored pieces and compatibility with other major block brands, the design possibilities are endless.

Ages 5+

– Laser Pegs– designed with education and fun in mind. Children are able to learn through play with these word, letter, and number blocks. Stacking letters into word towers, building numbers into houses, and arranging words into rows will increase your child’s word and number knowledge. Each block contains an LED that light up when connected to the 3D light board. With this eye catching design, children will love to play with Laser Pegs.

– Raser– this 6-in-1 Laser Peg construction set will allow your child to create a car, spaceship, robot, and acrobat to name a few. With the compatibility of blocks sets from major brand companies, the building possibilities grow exponentially.

– Bot– with 6 different design instruction and 20 laser peg parts your child will enjoy creating these light up play toys.

– MPS Aircraft Series– your child will be able to build one of these four designs: Light Bomber, Light Jet, Cargo Transport, and Light Glider.

– Runners Car– with three different light up designs, your child can customize the car they desire. These motorized toys will provide a creative outlet and entertainment for hours.

– NFL 002– this set gives your child the ability to create a football player with customizable team logos. It also includes a light up football and helmet peg.

Your child will be provided with role playing fun.

Whatever you buying needs happen to be, buying Laser Peg products will give you out of the ordinary play. With each set, your child will grow in knowledge, dexterity, and creativity. Putting toys in the hands of children that will steer them in educational growth is the best gift you can give.