Laser Pegs iPad App Isn't Just For Kids!

Laser Pegs FREE iPad App is Reviewed by Tech Tools 4 Mom.
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If you’ve thought about purchasing the real toy Laser Pegs or if you have children that are already fans of the fun building toy, you need to check out the Laser Pegs free iPad app in iTunes.  I must say, it isn’t just an app for children.  I had a blast playing with it as well as my three year old daughter and 70 year old machinist step-father!  So, anyone who enjoys building things will love the Laser Pegs free iPad app!

The free app is based on the real life toy, Laser Pegs.  Think light up small building blocks.  Cool, right?  I know!  I have to be honest and say that I’ve never heard of them before, maybe because I have all girls I don’t know.  But when they sent me the Bug Kit, I waited until the girls were sleeping and had a little fun.  The next morning I decided I had to share with the girls and they haven’t been able to put them down.

Once I got familiar with the actual product, I started up the Laser Pegs free iPad app.  I had only been playing with it a few minutes before my three year old became interested and confiscated the iPad from me.  Although she was able to play around with it and make her creations light up, it may have been a bit advanced for her.  My five year old made a bug and tried making a car within the app and light it up.  She was extremely proud of her creations and had to show everyone.  After playing with it more myself, I knew who I could share this app with.  Many of the men in my family are machinists and love building things, my 70 year old step-father has been a machinist since he was 18 (working at the same place no less!) so I called him up and told him to download it on his iPad.  My mother called me a few days later to tell me he spent the rest of that day building things in the app.  So, to say it is an app for all ages is not stretching too much, at least in my family!

I will say, for the youngest member of my family, manipulating the screen and the objects were a bit tough.  But, once I showed her how to join the objects on the screen and light them up she had a blast.  The app provides a 3D building scene that allows you to manipulate the different building objects by turning, twisting, and flipping them into place.  Once in place, press the connector button to attach them together.  Just like in the real life toy, the objects must be connected in order for them all to light up.
The Laser Pegs free iPad app is well thought out, very well made and great fun for all ages.  Not to mention, it’s free!  If you’re interested in winning a Bug set of the real life toy, enter my giveaway below.