Laser Pegs Light Up the New York Toy Fair

Who lit up the New York Toy Fair this year? By far it was Laser Pegs – the worlds only patented lighted construction set! Toy Fair kicked off on Sunday, February 12th at the Jacob Javits Center and Laser Pegs was in attendance for it’s second year. This exciting show was an opportunity for toy makers, toy buyers and toy lovers alike to experience new products and revisit familiar classics in an effort to get these toys in the hands of children all over the world.  There weren’t any children wandering about to try the toys, but rather the adults had an opportunity to play.

Booth #1765 shone like a beacon in the distance, attracting and maintaining a crowd at all times. A line to get a guided tour, from one of the Laser Pegs crew members, through the plethora of extraordinary models and stacks of amazing Laser Pegs products occupied the aisle. All the Laser Pegs’ most popular kits were represented: the Dune Buggy, Mini Monster Bug and Tractors. 3D Lite Boards were out and surrounded by piles of pegs for hands-on encounters. The Laser Pegs Bot impressed store owners not only with it’s “Test Me” button but also with it’s great grab ‘n’ go gift retail price of $19.95. Not to forget the Laser Pegs Experience and World of Bugs kits, which generated a lot of excitement.

Toy Fair goers got a look at Laser Pegs’ new and amazing product for 2012 – the Stackables. The Stackables are a game changer for Laser Pegs because it makes the pegs compatible with existing construction sets. Not to mention any names – but your kids have ‘em – and Laser Pegs is the only construction set that can add light to ‘em! Laser Pegs’ other accessory packs – the AC Adapter Kits and the Sound Cubes – evoked enthusiasm. The AC Adapters let you plug in your power base so you save on batteries and Sound Cubes brings the models to life with 6 different sounds.

Rounding out the Laser Pegs booth was the new commercial spot that featured three integral characters to the Laser Pegs’ crew: Dante, Crystal and Tobe. They are the stars of our upcoming animated series, in which Laser Pegs fight the forces of evil in a post-apocalyptic world. Perhaps you were lucky enough to taste a Laser Pegs candy bar. The candy bar was the most delicious Belgium chocolate you’ll ever taste stamped with the Laser Pegs logo.

 As the 4-day convention settled and came to a wrap on Wednesday, February 15th it was clear which toy came out on top. The others all paled in comparison to Laser Pegs – the toy that LIT UP the New York Toy Fair 2012!