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Thank you for your interest in Laser Pegs® and our products. Laser Pegs® is the worlds first toy construction set that uses low voltage current to light up when pieces are connected. The toys teach kids creative abstract thinking, problem solving, math skills, pattern recognition and improved hand/eye coordination. Laser Pegs®’ virtual construction iPad app allows children to create models in 3D, share manuals and play games. Here you will find information on such things as copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc. Laser Pegs® will continue to aggressively protect its intellectual property rights.

by  /  TUESDAY, 22 JANUARY 2013

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First original light-up toy brand files complaint against competition over trademark infringement.

January 17, 2013- Laser Pegs®, the toy industry’s first lighted toy construction set is suing Lite Brix for unfair competition and willful patent and trade dress infringement. The complaint was filed in October 2012 by the six-year-old toy brand.

Laser Pegs creates toy sets in which each piece feeds the next with low voltage current, causing the set to light up.The company was created in 2007 in an effort to create a toy culture that would revolutionize the building block ground. Jon Capriola, the creative mind behind the brand, had a mission in mind: To foster the imagination of young boys and girls, to advance learning and to help in the fundamentals of school subjects of which many children struggle. By 2010, Laser Pegs was recognized nationally, receiving awards including Toy of the Year and a feature on NBC’s TODAY show.

The filed complaint suggests that at a toy fair in 2011,Capriola was approached by Larry Rosen of Larose Industries LLC with an interest in investing in Laser Pegs. After a few arranged meetings to discuss the possible substantial investment, Rosen broke off ties with Capriola. He was later found to have secretly created and marketed Lite Brix.

Laser Pegs has filed a complaint on three counts: Willful infringement of a patent, Trade Dress Infringement and Common Law Unfair Competition. You can view the complaint here.


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