Learn To Play Like Your Favorite MLB Players With Laser Pegs

Laser Pegs build hand-eye coordination so you can play like you’re in the MLB.

For kids who have grown up playing sports or love shooting around with their friends on the playground, there are no bigger heroes or superstars than the athletes that they look up to on television. Whether your child wants to shoot the hockey puck like Wayne Gretzky, hit a three-point shot like Steve Nash or hit homeruns like Babe Ruth, these all stars are who many children dream of growing up to be.

However, as any of these hard working, professional athletes will tell you, they were not born with the skills and discipline that make them great. They worked hard at their craft and put lots of time, effort and training into becoming the best. Many of them even started playing when they were just in grade school, and this is why they encourage many children to never give up on their dreams of playing sports and to begin working hard now.

One of the most important skills that all athletes in every single sport must excel at is hand-eye coordination. This developmental skill is usually learned early on, but can be improved upon and worked at in order to master it. It is the skill that helps professional baseball players connect with the ball from home plate, football players catch a Hail Mary pass in the end zone and basketball players slam dunk a ball for the game winning basket.

Luckily, improving a child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination can be easy as playing with their favorite toys. Laser Pegs, for instance, help develop and improve these skills for many children―even kids with developmental disabilities.

By picking up each Laser Peg and connecting each block in place on the Laser Light Board, children are not only making reaching and arm extension a natural part of their play, but they are also learning to control their hand strength. For example, gripping the structure too hard will cause it to break, while not gripping the pieces hard enough will not allow them to connect or stay lit.

Laser Pegs are also beneficial for reinforcing hand-eye coordination because they provide children with immediate positive reinforcement for their actions. A child knows when they have successfully completed an action because the lights will come on in their creation.  Therefore, completing a Laser Pegs kit is not only fun and vibrant, but can also build confidence and motivate continued progress towards building up their hand-eye coordination.

Improving hand-eye coordination in order to train to be like your favorite professional athlete has also never been easier with Laser Pegs upcoming Major League Baseball-endorsed light toys, coming this upcoming September. This line of specially designed Laser Pegs light kits will be a hit for any sports fan, and even allows you to recreate some of your favorite baseball plays with your Laser Pegs toy, such as “The Slide” or “In A Pickle.” You can even recreate “The Catcher” or bring lights to the big screen with the “Scoreboard.”

The MLB line delivers endless fun and sparking creativity. Plus, these kits allow plenty of opportunities for creativity , as the unique toy construction kits build into more than just one model. The family of MLB products will include a 6-in-1 kit, a 12-in-1 kit and a 24-in-1 kit.

Be sure to stay tuned for more information about Laser Pegs partnership with the MLB! In the mean time, enjoy all of the fun and developmental benefits that Laser Pegs can bring to your child athletes.


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