Learning All About The Lights Behind Laser Pegs

Laser Pegs shine bright ― only thanks to the help of their special LED lights!

When it comes to children, the brighter and shiner the toy, the more appealing it seems. This is why kids are often attracted to fun and exciting toys that blink, pulse, light up or make noises. They’re just more exciting that way! In fact, a recent survey done by a popular toy story reported that light up toys were among the most popular for kids this past holiday season.

However, for kids who are looking for the fun and excitement of light up toys, and for parents who are looking for toys that won’t spike up their energy bills, there is no better toy than Laser Pegs.

The national award winning Laser Pegs is the first unique toy construction set in the world which utilizes high quality LED lights to feed the next piece through low voltage current. Whenever these unique, light up pieces are connected to a power source, the directly connected piece is not the only object that lights up, but any other peg that is connected with it does also. Plus, because each Laser Pegs piece slides perfectly into the next, it allows people using them to create limitless designs that light up for hours.

What is even better is that each Laser Pegs piece has a very long life expectancy, meaning that you can get many years of fun out of these exciting toys. The high quality LED lights that we use will run for about 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to keeping them illuminated non-stop for 11 years.

However, despite how shiny and bright these lights may be, they also draw in very little current, especially when connected to one of our helpful AC adapters. These adapters not only allow for Laser Pegs to be very bright at all times, but they also help to manage the low voltage current perfectly. While batteries may give you decent results, the brightness of lights run simply off batteries will fade based on how many Laser Pegs are connected to the power base at once.

The two options of power bases that you can use for Laser Pegs include:

  • 3D Light Board: A large construction kit that allows pegs to light up when they are connected. Plus, the base also doubles as a storage unit so you can keep your Laser Pegs out of sight when they are not in use.
  • Triangle Power Base: This powerful light-up base also allows pegs to light up when connected, and includes instructions for many structures. The Triangle Power Base is also ideal for people who want to do open-ended building.

Using one of these two power bases in conjunction with the Laser Pegs AC Adapter will ensure that these kits are more enjoyable for kids to use and that your family can build for hours on end without having to worry about batteries dying. Buying an AC Adapter will also save you more money in the long run, as batteries are expensive and bad for the environment.

For more information about Laser Pegs, light boards and bases, or AC Adapters, be sure to contact Laser Pegs today.

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