LEDs: Playful and Practical

Looking for a great way to entertain as well as educate your kids? Look no further than this modern creation: LED toys. Check out these fun and entertaining toy ideas!

LED Toys

All children love lights, toy gadgets and bright items. And what can be brighter than toys that lights up? Toy manufacturers offer a versatile variety of LED toys with which your children can play as well as learn various important things.

Touch-sensitive toys which light up as one place a finger on them can be the most entertaining and modern kids toys. There is something infinitely empowering when little children come across such lighting elements. Lighting toys usually have LED lights inside them that are lit when pressed. LED Toys are some of the most popular kids toys in the toys market. Moreover, how entertaining they are, can be figured out when children play with them. Their facial expressions reveal how excited they are while seeing bright lights in their favorite toys.

Glowing stick lights are one of the popular and modern kids light up toys that allow children to explore unending fun at their vocational trips.

Candles, lanterns and flashlights are the classic sources of light for trips as they are less efficient and involve risks. Now, with modern led stick lights, you can make outdoor activities more enjoyable for your children as well. Here are some of the salient features that make led stick lights one of the best sources of lighting for nighttime outdoor activities.

Musical LED Toys

Like us, little children also love music and toy makers today, are completely aware of this. You will find a great variety of musical toys in toy stores. Modern kids’ toys such as little pianos, drums and players teach children how to play the alphabet. Going forward there are musical toys that incorporate lights in them, with dancing lights incorporated in rhythm with fun sounds. But, before you choose such a LED musical toy, ensure that it really promises to be entertaining. You may also find little singing and dancing beautiful LED dolls whose eyes blink and glow while dancing.

Block Sets

One of the most popular kids toys are block sets that kids forever want to play with. These plastic toys for kids help little children learn to control their hands and to develop a hand-to-eye coordination. Small blocks can be dangerous if choked so make sure you get great, large blocks with which your children could spend hours knocking together in varied shapes.

For awesome LED building sets, look no further than Laser Pegs! You can browse the online toy store HERE for a wide range of toys and games. You will find unique LED lighted construction sets at highly affordable prices.

LED Lights for Practical Purposes


While on a trip, the major problem of carrying a light source is it portability. LED stick lights work best here. These are easy to carry and can be kept at any safe place of luggage. LED stick lights are available in various styles, shapes and designs so that your child could carry them and also play with.

Standard 6 inches LED sticks weigh just around 1 ounce and are as small in size as candles. They make your backpack lighter and can be a great lighting medium all throughout your night tour.


Glow sticks are safer to use as the light they produce does not have heat and spark. Therefore, you do not need to worry about any fire accidents during the trip. They are even non-toxic in nature and you can allow your adorable kids to safely use them under your surveillance. Plus – LEDs use very little electricity and can last virtually forever, so you’re not using a lot of batteries!

Wind and Water-Proof

What more can you expect? Led lights in glow sticks are wind and water-proof and work as a perfect lighting medium in severe weather conditions. Since, these LED lights are water-proof; you and your children can have fun with them at beach-side games. They also work as great lighting tools for scuba divers and are helpful for marking and indicating underwater direction.

Great For fun: Available in Different Colors and Sizes

LED glow sticks are available in diverse sizes. These LED lights can be as small as 1.5 inches and as long as 15-22 inches. For children, these lights are available in unique forms such as glow t-shirts, glow clocks, glow toys, glow bags, glow caps, glow shoes and similar other light up toys.

Not only different designs they are available but also in beautiful colors such as green, yellow, pink, purple, tri-colors and bi-colors. A great example of this is Laser Laces. These are light-up shoe laces that come in many brilliant colors. They are playful AND practical because you can dress up your outfit but also be scene in a night-time setting. Check them out at www.LaserLaces.com.

Longer Shelf Life

As LED lights are inexpensive than other traditional lighting mediums, purchasing these in bulk can be an additional saving. Their shelf life is usually 1 to 4 years depending upon the storage conditions. While purchasing LED toys, look for their shelf-life as children play with such light up toys for hours without even realizing their shelf-life. A good idea is to store them in a cool and dark place.

With the above benefits, LED lights are considered as one of the best illuminating and entertaining sources for night tours and outdoor activities in the modern age.

So, while planning a great trip with your children do not forget to purchase LED lights for practical reasons and LED toys for playtime.