Light Up ABC Blocks Help Teach Kids The Alphabet

ABC Light Kits

Play fun alphabet games with your children using the Laser Pegs ABC Blocks.

One of the most important lessons that we learn early on in our childhood is our A-B-C’s. Learning the alphabet is the first step towards learning how to write, learning to construct sentences, learning your consonants and vowels, understanding grammar, and so many other important English elements that are essential for both school and life. All of these different important essentials begin with the A-B-C’s, and therefore, it’s very beneficial to reinforce them in your own home with your own children.

Luckily, just like with many other elements of learning and cognitive development, there are fun alphabet games that you can play at home to help make learning the A-B-C’s fun!

In order to help encourage both play time and learning letters, Laser Pegs has created our very own ABC Block kit that allow kids to interact with letters in a new, exciting way and gets hands on with their A-B-C’s.

If you are looking to enhance your child’s learning abilities when it comes to speaking and crafting their own sentences, look no further than the Laser Pegs ABC Block Kit. Just like any Laser Pegs shape, these 12-block pegs light up when connected to a Laser Pegs power base and are compatible with all other pegs.  These 12 Laser Pegs give you the entire alphabet and enough Xs and Os to play an illuminated game of tic-tac-toe on a 3D Light Board.

You can even use these Laser Pegs ABC Blocks to create your own letter-based games to make learning even more fun. For instance, consider playing the following games to help children get a better grasp of letters and words:

Name The Letter – Perfect for children who are just learning their A-B-C’s, point to a letter and have them name what it is. You could also take this a step further by asking them to spell a word that starts with that letter, or name an animal that starts with that letter.

Vowels vs. Consonants – For school children who are just learning about the different letters and the basics of vowels and consonants, have them identify which of the letters belong in each category.

Spell Quick  – Great for children that are just beginning to spell, or are learning to spell more advanced work, challenge them to spell a certain word in a quick amount of time. For instance, put 30 seconds on the clock and ask them to spell things such as “Cat,” “Door,” or “Table.”

Once your child has become more and more familiar with their A-B-C’s, you can even begin working in the Laser Pegs Word Block kit, which features fun family words such as ‘home,’ ‘we,’ and ‘car.’ With these words, you can help your child work out plenty of sentences that teach them about words, while also telling enjoyable, interactive stories about your family using the letter blocks as well!