Request Laser Pegs At A Specialty Shop Near You

Seek out a fun way to enjoy Laser Pegs and support your local specialty toy shops.

It is no secret that, when it comes to choosing a new toy for your child, you have an overwhelming amount of options. Whether your child likes to play with action figures and dolls, puzzles and board games, or even building toys like Laser Pegs or Legos, the fact that they have all of these different options for play is a great thing for parents, toy manufactures and toy shops. In the end, more options for play means more options for learning, which is what everyone wants!

However, when it comes to choosing where you buy your child’s toys, you usually have only a couple major options to choose from―large retailers that sell products from all over the world or specialty shops that sell fewer items with a more personalized, intimate experience.


There are a large number of advantages to buying from either one of these retailers. For instance, buying from major toy warehouses opens you up to a vast amount of options when it comes to toys. Aisles upon aisles of every toy option that you could possibly think of, all stocked nightly so that every child can get the toy that they want. However, when you opt to buy your toys from a specialty shop or local brick-and-mortar store, the entire experience starts to feel just a little bit more magical.

And why shouldn’t your experience be magical, when that is exactly what you are looking for in a toy? A toy made just for your child that gives them pure happiness and joy whenever they spend an hour sitting down and getting lost in their imagination! Because of this, Laser Pegs has always been a big believer in selling our toys in local toy stores or mom-and-pop shops that give kids a personalized, intimate experience when they are looking for their next favorite toy.


Specialty shops are also able to give shoppers a unique experience when it comes showcasing unique toys such as Laser Pegs. Here are just a few experiences that you can only get at a specialty toy shop:

  • Laser Pegs Play Dates: Many specialty toy shops around the country host play date theme nights that feature different types of toys throughout the week. Your kids can come to these nights with their friends or on their own, and play with their Laser Pegs with other local kids. This gives them a great opportunity to meet new friends and connect over a common hobby. With Laser Pegs, they can even combine their different Pegs to create a joint construction all of their own!
  • Demos with the Laser Pegs Playtable: We here at Laser Pegs are constantly coming out with new Laser Pegs kits and construction toys to add to your child’s collection. Come test out these new toys on the Laser Pegs Playtable at one of your local specialty toy shop so they can see how they light up in person before you take the kit home with you!


  • A knowledge of the Laser Pegs products: When shopping at large toy retailers, it is hard for employees to be able to give you a thorough understanding of how the toys work and how they are used. This is because there are just so many toys in stock that is hard for them to have a personalized, knowledgeable experience about each and every one. Luckily, with many specialty shops, employees have hands-on experience with each and every product they sell and can fully explain to you the benefits that it offers your child!

In order to ensure that your child has the best possible experience when shopping for their next toy, request the Laser Pegs line in your local specialty toy shop today! While large toy retailers may offer you a large number of options, specialty stores can give you the magic you deserve when it comes to expanding your child’s imagination and learning with Laser Pegs.

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