Nick Shows Off His Creation

Thank you Nick, and Grandpa Nils, for sharing this awesome Laser Pegs creation!

I told Nils about how Nick could combine his Laser Pegs with other construction kits using our Stackables and he told me about how Nick’s Mom… 

“…gave him a pack last night and did he ever light up!  He came downstairs this morning before leaving for school with the Star Ship Enterprise Shuttle he built under the covers last night. We all had a blast looking that one over with it all lit up!”

Upon sharing these great photos, Nils described how Nick…

Nick with Laser Pegs Model

“We got to take one in the dark, Grandpa” – Nick

worked on 2 new gadgets this afternoon before he headed out for soccer practice.  Now his twin sister is jealous and wants to build one and have pictures taken…”

When she does, Nils, we’d love to see those too!

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