Sports and Construction Toys May Benefit Kids with ADHD

If you are a parent or educator who is in search of engaging activities for kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), you may want to consider spending more time outside the home or classroom and adding building or construction toys to your kid’s toy box. While some research has shown that kids with ADHD can stay engaged while playing video games, there is some concern that the repetitiveness of these games may actually encourage ADHD.

This chicken or the egg scenario along with other potential issues resulting from too much overall screen time has people who care for ADHD kids looking for different solutions. Just look at how many “screens” we all encounter on a daily basis. In the old days, the only screen we had time with was a television or the occasional movie screen. Move forward to today and we have desktops, laptops, notebooks, portable DVD players, tablets and smart phones. Yikes!

Fun with Activities Outside the Home

If your kids are spending too much time watching TV or playing video games, start planning more activities outside of the home. Children with ADHD can benefit from engaging in sports and other physical endeavors. Try to find activities and sports that:

  • Have little downtime and keep the child moving. Sports that come with a lot of time on the bench might not be the best option.
  • Require concentration and focus and the child can get totally immersed in playing. Martial arts programs are a good example here.
  • Might occur on a regularly scheduled basis. This could include scheduled program time and outside practices.
  • Offer specific challenges and/or goals. Competitive swimming or track would be good examples here, where fastest times and distance are key factors.

Depending on the child’s interests, talk with them about some of the programs and activities that are available in your community and start with one that they are interested in trying.

Find Cool, New Construction Toys

Building and construction toys have come a long way from wooden blocks and TinkerToys – just check out the latest Laser Pegs® kits! But why are building toys – old and new – beneficial for kids with ADHD? Staying focused can be a challenge for those who suffer from ADHD, so they are drawn to activities that allow them to focus on a single task. Construction toys allow them to do that, because they are focused on building a specific thing, making them one of the best toys for kids with ADHD.

Construction and building toys also require that your brain and hands are working together at the same time, which can help improve concentration. Laser Pegs® kits really take building toys to a whole new level. Most of our kits come with multiple configurations, so a child has many different toys to create. Plus, we encourage kids to build their own unique creations – which ups the challenge factor. On top of that, all of the Laser Pegs® pieces light up once connected, which kids think is pretty cool! Visit the Laser Pegs® online toy store today to check out your options.


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