Staying On Track With Childhood Development During Summer Vacation

Keeping your child learning and developing even when they’re out of school.

For many school children all across the country, the countdown to summer vacation is nearing its final days. Soon enough, they will be free from school and living the summer life full of vacations, sports games, sleepovers and fun. In fact, for many kids, not having to school and getting to hang out with their friends all day makes summer vacation the best part of the whole year!

However, while your child’s ideal summer schedule may involve all play and no work, it is important that you do not let them lose sight of learning and education completely during the next couple of months.

Many studies have found that all students experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities throughout the summer months. In fact, one study even showed that kids lose, on average, about two months of learning in math during summer vacation―children from low-income families are cited to be even more at risk for learning loss.

So, how can you as a parent combat summer learning loss for your children, but still keep the summer fun and active? Here are just a few tips for keeping your kids on track with childhood development in exciting ways that won’t be protested by your children:

Visit Your Local Library

If you and your family have never made a trip to your local library, you are missing out! Libraries not only have lots of fun, recreational books that will keep your child’s brain working hard all summer long, but they also usually have a few free programs throughout the summer that will encourage reading and different educational activities.

You may even be able to check with your child’s teacher before the end of the school year to see if there are any summer workbooks that they recommend to help give your child a head start on next year’s curriculum.

Play With Developmental Toys

Just because your child wants to spend all summer playing, does not mean that they cannot be learning and growing at the same time. There are many developmental toys for children of all age groups that can help them develop certain skills that are applicable to school. For instance, activities that involve blocks or building are often linked with better math skills in children.

Other block toys, such as Laser Pegs light-up blocks, enforce a child’s AB patterning―a pre-math skill. This skill is built easily when children are repeating colors or block shapes, and it helps to provide the foundation for organization and prediction.

Send Your Child To Summer Camp

One of the best parts of summer vacation for many children is the opportunity to go to sleep-away camp and get a chance to spend time in an exciting new place. However, many parents do not realize that, in addition to sports camps, there are also many sleep-away camps that focus on specialized learning opportunities. For instance, Space Camp, science camp, math camp or even computer camp. These camps are the perfect setting for out-of-the-box learning and may even help your child develop a new passion!


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