Summer Road Trips: Keeping Your Child Entertained In The Car

How to keep your long summer road trip fun and entertaining for kids.

Now that we are only a few weeks away from the start of summer and vacation for school kids everywhere, it is time to start planning out some of our favorite seasonal trips. Perhaps your family is planning a weeklong vacation to the beach, or are heading up north to your family cabin. The summer season is also the perfect chance for the whole family to get away and visit different theme parks and campgrounds.

No matter where your plans may take you this summer, one aspect of traveling that you can never forget to prepare for is the road trip that gets you to and from your final destination. While family road trips may be a great opportunity to bond and learn about each other’s interests, it can also turn into hours of endless “Are we there yet” shouts from your kids if you do not plan activities beforehand.

Luckily, there are many fun, educational and entertaining activities that you and your family can pack along for your next family road trip to help the hours fly by. In fact, sometimes these activities can be so fun for your family that the road trip may end up being just as fun as the vacation itself! Here are just a few ways you can keep your family entertained in the car this summer:

Play Games As A Family

There are an endless amount of family-tested and approved road trip games that can provide your kids with hours of entertainment along the highway. For instance, the License Plate Game, I Spy, the Alphabet Game or 20 Questions. You can even spice these games up  a bit by turning them into marathons and awarding special rewards or treats to whoever wins each round. For instance, if one of your kids wins the License Plate Game, give them control  over the radio for the next hour.

Bring Along Your Favorite Toys

Just because your family is traveling miles away from home, that doesn’t mean their favorite toys have to stay behind! Many toys are road trip friendly. For instance, Laser Pegs are a unique children’s toy that light up by using long-lasting, high-quality LED lights inside building blocks. Plus, because these fun toys run on AAA batteries, you can create fun light-up models right in your car, all without having to worry about finding an outlet!

Make Your Journey Part Of Your Vacation

A road trip does not always have to be about rushing to get to your final destination. Sometimes a road trip can be more fun than the trip itself as long as you have fun along the way! Therefore, leave some extra travel time for your family to make stops along the way at fun destinations and local restaurants that you have never been to before. You may even discover a new place that could become its very own future vacation spot!


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