Summer Toys and Games for Children

This summer, having fun with your children should not be a hassle. There are so many options in your own backyard and nearby parks. So, make this summer filled with fun and a season that you could always remember.

When the summer heat is getting you down, consider creating water fun on your own property. Set up an inexpensive kiddie’s pool for your kids to cool off in or sprinkler and let your children run through it.

Also, invite their friends over to play and provide them with fun summer-themed refreshments like popsicles and lemon-aide. Decorate the sidewalk with wet footprints or handprints and top it off with sidewalk chalk – that will be great. You can begin playing with squirt guns or spray bottles. Also, you can have a water balloon fight with children. All you need to do is, fill the balloons and throw for plenty of cool fun. Play in the rain and let your kids get wet too.

During the morning hours when the sun isn’t so oppressive, take your kids on a nature walk. Even better – in a shady area with lots of trees. There are various ways of interacting with nature such as planting a vegetable or flower garden together. Kids may or may not understand how to plant but they can learn and enjoy planting with you.

Instead of having a picnic at the brightest time of the day, try having a sunrise picnic in your backyard. You could even have the whole family help prepare foods the night before, then get up early to have a sunrise breakfast. Walking barefoot in the grass feels great on a pleasant summer morning.

You can also do some cooking on a grill or a campfire; this is a great way to get out and enjoy a summer day without heating up the house. And don’t forget the watermelon!

Now, when we think of summer activities for the children, we cannot ignore different kinds of summer toys games for kids. Ask your children if they would like to learn a new game or activity. Summer is a great time to learn something new to keep the kids’ brains engaged while on a break from school, and on a picnic, it can be the best time.

You can also go for a bicycle ride or teach the kids some rope skipping exercises that you enjoyed in your childhood. Make games and conditions in the games. Those who would win can get a prize!

For a treasure hunt, give them clues, with each clue leading to the next, until the little children reach the treasure. A small prize would be exciting and motivating for them. There are numerous ideas for outdoor fun on a picnic such as frisbees and hoola-hoops. You can even fly kites or compete in a three-legged race, play freeze tag or build paper airplanes and have a memorable summer picnic day out.

Playing kickball is always entertaining and with kids it is exciting and great exercise.

You can also get some toys that could add fun to their day. Yes, there is end number of stores offering portable toys or we can call them picnic toys. Summer toys and games are easy to play with and help exert energy. These unique kids toys are available on online toys stores as well where you will get a brief description about each summer toy and game.

If the summer heat is really getting you down, don’t feel bad staying inside for part of the time. Try getting your kids some Laser Pegs. Descriptions of the kits Laser Pegs offers can be found on their website: A great time to play to beat the heat is at night when the sun has gone down. Laser Pegs kits run on batteries so you can light up the night even outside and impress the neighbors!

Don’t underestimate a child’s mind. With some help from them, together you may come up with many exciting ideas you have never imagined. Water, nature, toys and games are perfect sources of healthy entertainment. Summer time is a great period for outdoor activities.


Just Hang Out as a Family

The most important factor in keeping kids emotionally healthy and free of troubles is the amount of time that they spend with their parents. A loving relationship and caring nature creates the security that children need.  This is what all children need the most to survive in this challenging world.

Activities such as talking, making meals, playing games and sports with each other are some of the best interactions that occur. But this is the true method for helping children be successful is family time. Family time and connecting with nature in combination will help your child build a strong foundation for future success.


Summer Toys Games for Kids

There are lots of fun outdoor children toys and games that will make them jumping around, burning off energy and staying active. Check out these ideas.

1. Ultra Stomp Rockets

Stomp rockets are simple and fun outdoor toys for kids. Just stomp on the pump at the bottom of the rocket and see how high children can shoot the rocket in the air. The rockets can go up to 200ft in the air. The best part is, these are easy to use and great for children of all ages.

2. Green Toys Jump Rope

Go green with these jump ropes. Skipping ropes from the primitive times provide great opportunities of workouts for children. The 6ft. adjustable ropes have handles made of pure recyclable plastic. These can be taken anywhere and the best games can be discovered.

3. Fantasy Hop Ball

Hop balls are undoubtedly great fun for children of all ages. The fantasy hop balls help children improve their balance and body co-ordination. These are perfect for exercise and deliver guaranteed fun.


Games for kids 5 to 11: Here are some more ideas for summer games for kids aged 5 to 11.

1. Boochie, A Whole New Ball Game- For 8 Years and Up

In this game, you need to toss out the soft foam Boochie target and then try to land your ball and hoop as close as you can do. Try to keep its score on a wrist tracker. The player who would have the highest points wins.

2. Smart Toss Game- For 5 Years and Up

This exciting game can be played by all the family members. All you need to do is, create your matching colors, shapes or numbers by tossing bean bags through holes. Its great!

3. Girl’s Sidewalk Skates

Sidewalk Quad Skate are for girls. These have an athletic design with a padded ankle for comfort and support.

The highly-impact, adjustable chassis and truck provide easy control and the oversized wheels keep kiddies rolling fast and smooth.

Don’t let the boys feel left out: there are plenty of skates for your sons out there too.


The children toys and games mentioned here will surely help you have a great summer weekend and vacation with your kids. Just don’t forget to use your imagination and the possibilities are endless.