Support Small Toy Stores This Upcoming Small Business Saturday

small business saturday

Help support local small toy stores in your town this holiday season.

Now that Thanksgiving is officially behind us, the holiday season is here in full swing and many people all across the country are beginning to head out to their local malls and department stores to cross all of their friends and family off of their long holiday gift list.

Whether you are someone who heads out on Black Friday to find the best shopping deals among the massive crowds, you are doing all of your holiday shopping from the comfort of your couch on Cyber Monday, or you are a last minute shopper that waits until the day before Christmas to buy your gifts, make sure that you are doing your part to help support the local shops in your area this holiday season.

This upcoming Saturday, November 30th has been officially named Small Business Saturday―one small day in the midst of the busiest holiday shopping weekend of the year that communities are asking shoppers to give back by spending their money at their local small businesses and shops.

We here at Laser Pegs, in particular, are encouraging our wonderful fans to head out on Small Business Saturday and shop at some of the amazing specialty toy shops in your area. While we have been lucky enough to have our light up Laser Pegs toys featured in a number of large retailers around the world to help make our toys as readily available to our customers as possible, we hold a special place in our hearts for all of the amazing promotions and events that specialty shops hold when promoting our line of Laser Pegs toys.

Only at specialty small toy shops can you get a truly unique and magical experience when shopping around for your child’s next favorite toy. Many stores also feature a number of unique experiences that you cannot get in your average large-scale toy retailer, such as:

  • Large, interactive demos with different Laser Pegs and the Laser Pegs Playtable.
  • Laser Pegs play dates with other children in your town, where you can come together to meet new friends and connect over a common hobby.
  • A thorough knowledge of Laser Pegs products from staff members who have a personalized, knowledgeable experience about which kind of toys are best for each age group.
  • Staff who have a hands-on experience with each and every product they sell and can fully explain to you the benefits that it offers your child.

It is these reasons, along with many, many more, that we ask you to head out to your local small toy businesses this Saturday, and all holiday season long, in order to get a more meaningful, magical experience when it comes to shopping for your children during the holidays. To learn more about Laser Pegs and where you can find them in a specialty shop near you, be sure to contact Laser Pegs today!