Challenge Your Kids with a Little Halloween Trivia

black cat | laser pegs

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 158 million people in the U.S. plan to celebrate Halloween in some way, shape or form this year. Americans will also spend a lot of money during the holiday – about $6.9 billon on costumes, candy, parties, decorations and more – the second highest amount after Christmas.

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Fun, Inventive Halloween Costumes For Boys and Girls

halloween costumes

As kids get a little older and develop their own unique personalities, they sometimes want less parental involvement in playtime, advice, or even school work. The same can be said for Halloween costumes. However, sometimes mom or dad can be full of cool surprises and ideas. If your little one seems stumped on what to wear for Halloween, toss a few ideas from our list their way. With our creative suggestions, they’ll be sure to love at least one!

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5 Important Tips For Having A Safe Halloween

halloween safety

Besides Christmas, Halloween is without a doubt the most looked-forward to holiday for kids and the young at heart. And who wouldn’t love it? There’s candy, the ability to play dress up as whatever you choose, a night away from school work, plus some classic horror movies and TV show episodes to watch to give you a creepy chill up your spine.

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