Laser Pegs Have Won Two Tillywig Toy Awards!

Tillywig Awards | Laser Pegs

Our Helicopter and Power Block Laser Pegs were among the Tillywig winners.

Every day, we here at Laser Pegs get to hear from wonderful parents and children about how Laser Pegs have made a big impact in their lives. Whether our light up Laser Pegs kits allow them to come together for family play time after school, they have improved a child’s motor and sensory skills, or they are helping a child to do better in school, we are so happy that many families around the world have made our Laser Pegs toys some of their favorites!

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Request Laser Pegs At A Specialty Shop Near You


Seek out a fun way to enjoy Laser Pegs and support your local specialty toy shops.

It is no secret that, when it comes to choosing a new toy for your child, you have an overwhelming amount of options. Whether your child likes to play with action figures and dolls, puzzles and board games, or even building toys like Laser Pegs or Legos, the fact that they have all of these different options for play is a great thing for parents, toy manufactures and toy shops. In the end, more options for play means more options for learning, which is what everyone wants!

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Laser Pegs Lights Up The Boys and Girls Clubs of America


We were happy to donate $229,000 in toys to the children of BGCA.

While we here at Laser Pegs love to create inspiring, engaging toys to entertain children all around the world, it has also always been an important goal of ours to create toys that are just as educational and stimulating as they are fun! After all, educational toys not only keep your kids inspired and engaged, but they also promote development, teach problem solving skills and prepare your child for elementary learning.

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Finding the Best Toys For An Autistic Child


Parents of autistic children sometimes have a complicated time when trying to choose a toy for their child. They want a toy that their child will treasure and enjoy, but one that is able to serve as an educational tool. But since there is a full spectrum of children with autism, no one child is alike. Below are an array of options to consider when buying toys for autistic children.

Options for Sensory Stimulation

Children with autism are more likely to have sensory issues. This means they need more help with activities, games, or toys that will hone the senses. Their issues can range anywhere among the five senses- sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. This gives plenty of leeway in looking for a specific toy.

A great general toy for autistic children with sensory problems, however, would be something like a mini trampoline. This provides exercise and help with sight and touch. A cheaper and handmade “toy” consisting of crates filled with things like sand, beans, or marbles that they can play in reinforces their sense of touch. Another economical option is to string up some Christmas lights around your house to improve their sense of sight. If they’re the kind that make noise, then you can use them to benefit their sense of hearing as well.

Building Social Butterflies

Like all people their age, children with autism may a hard time making new friends. However, a symptom of autism that some might have is not picking up on social cues. This can make for awkward play dates or interactions at school. Finding games to sharpen their social skills can be a lifesaver. Choices like board games can be a huge help. Board games, which need to have more than one person playing, will assist in picking up social skills. The whole family, or just a few friends can pitch in and play.

Another option are building block toys like Legos. While they can be played with individually, the level of enjoyment is raised when more people join in. It can be a learning experience for your child to focus on playing with other people, not getting upset over losing, and practicing how to take turns.

Improving Motor Skills

Autism may also affect children’s motor skills. Motor skills involve things that require coordination of the muscles, like throwing a ball, writing, walking, or running. This can make what others think of as normal, daily activities, an uphill battle for autistic kids.  If they’ve been struggling with these skills a long time, it can give children with autism a real loss of confidence. There are a few toys out there that can help with these skills, however. Stackers, puzzles, do-it-yourself kits, and coloring sets are all great choices to help improve an autistic child’s motor skills.

If you’re still not exactly sure on what toy you should buy to help your child cope with autism, call or click to find out more about Laser Pegs today!

Why You Should Make Time for Creative Activities with Your Kids


If your family is like many families out there, you probably juggle multiple schedules between work, school, sports and other extracurricular activities. Busy schedules can make it difficult for some families to even sit down at the dinner table together on a regular basis.  It is important, though, to find time to spend together as a family, and working on creative activities can help bring you closer together.

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Sports and Construction Toys May Benefit Kids with ADHD


If you are a parent or educator who is in search of engaging activities for kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), you may want to consider spending more time outside the home or classroom and adding building or construction toys to your kid’s toy box. While some research has shown that kids with ADHD can stay engaged while playing video games, there is some concern that the repetitiveness of these games may actually encourage ADHD.

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Laser Pegs Construction Sets Recognized at 2013 Creative Child Awards


At Laser Pegs we strive to make unique toy construction sets that kids love, spurs their creativity and helps them develop skills, all at the same time. We also hope to be seen as innovators in our field, by offering kids cool toys they can’t find with other toy designers. That innovation was launched in April 2009 when we released our first building set to the global market. Continue reading

Introducing Laser Pegs New NFL-Endorsed Laser Light Toys


Play like your favorite football players with these NFL Laser Pegs toys.

As kids, we often have a number of different heroes and role models that we look up to. Whether it is your favorite musician or TV star, an all-star athlete on your favorite sports team, or even the president of the United States, role models are a great inspiration for kids of all ages. In fact, it is with these role models in mind that many girls and boys often choose what they want to be when they grow up or what their dream job would be. They work hard and train to be just like their favorite stars!

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