The Best Toys For Show And Tell

With back to school looming just around the corner, there’s a lot of pressure on parents as well as kids. Parents are having to start buying supplies for the school year, not to mention clothes, shoes, backpacks and lunchboxes. Kids are probably a mix of nerves and excitement when it comes to starting a new grade and making new friends. Making the right impression is most likely a significant thought in their minds right now. How can you help?

Well, it’s important to build their confidence and make sure they’re ready for the school year both emotionally and educationally. Not to mention, it can’t hurt to send them back to school with something to impress the class. If you have kids on the younger end of the spectrum, they’re still having show and tell, no doubt. If you’re stumped on what your child should bring when it’s their turn to participate, look no further. We have inexpensive suggestions that your child and their class will love.

For The Girly Girl

Construction toy sets aren’t just for little boys anymore. Girls get as much enjoyment out of them as boys do. Your daughter can wow her classroom with the fairy building set, which is actually 6 models in 1. With eye-catching colors that also light up, any little girl will be more than excited and just as proud to show off this cute and delightful set.

For The Sporty Boy

If you’re got an elementary school aged boy, he’s more than likely obsessed with football. Feed his obsession with our limited edition NFL construction sets. They come in a variety of combinations, from 6 in 1, 12 in 1, and 24 in 1 models. Once you’ve picked which set you want, 32 NFL team decals are included. A great choice for young football fans to entertain their class with!

For The Adventurous Mind

Do you have a little adventurer on your hands? Does your child love exploring, getting dirty, and is endlessly energetic? Then creative building toys should be right up your child’s alley, especially the World of Bugs model. With a whopping 49 models in 1, your child can entertain themselves as well as their classmates all day with this set. They can build insects like mosquitoes, amphibians like frogs, or even scientific objects like a microscope. Get this for your little adventurer soon.

For Inquiring Minds

If you’ve got a pre-K or kindergarten aged child who loves to learn, or even to teach things they’ve learned to others their age, all manners of educational toys for children will benefit them. The ABC Block set in particular will help them grow smarter, faster. Letter Blocks easily keep young minds interested because of their colors and LED lights, as well as being able to play tic-tac-toe among other games. Keep your little one’s mind sharp and thrill a few of their friends along the way.

For more classic building toys of all kinds to entertain and captive your child, visit Laser Peg’s site for more information.